Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence: The technology at its best
Artificial intelligence is designing machines in such a manner that they possess the ability to think. In short, you can refer it as the intelligence of machines. The discussions about  Artificial intelligence have gained a lot of momentum in the last few years. Now the question one needs to understand is whether it is a boon or bane for the future of human existence and that is still a scope of debate. The main idea for the creation of Artificial Intelligence is to make lives easier for human beings. Researchers of artificial intelligence want the emotional quotient of the machines to be at par with those human beings.
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is complex in nature and a complicated mixture of mathematics, computer science. The major advantage of artificial intelligence is it reciprocates the actions and decisions of humans eradicating the shortcomings of humans, such as fatigue, limited time and emotion. Machines that are driven by Artificial intelligence are able to perform repeated and consistent actions without being tired. From the company’s perspective, consistent performance across multiple AI machines are achieved when one compares the same with multiple human workers. Let us now list the major advantages of artificial intelligence as follows
Reducing errors:
With the help of artificial intelligence chances of error are less, and accurate results with more precision can be achieved. It is applied in various areas of study such as the exploration of space. Robots are fed with information and send to space. As they are a machine with metal bodies, they possess the greater capacity, to encounter the hostile atmosphere of the space. They are created in such a manner that they can survive the hostile environment in the best possible manner.
Artificial Intelligence
Repetitive jobs:
Monotonous jobs they are repetitive in nature can be carried with the help of machines. Machines work faster than human beings and can multitask. It can be employed to carry out dangerous tasks, and the parameters can be adjusted that is not possible as the case with human beings. Time and speed are calculation based parameters, and example of artificial intelligence that comes to our mind is gaming.
Digital assistants:
High-end organizations rely on the use of digital assistants that reduce the reliance on human resources. Emotions are hand in glove with human moods that can have an impact on efficiency and cloud judgement. Whereas in the case of machines that is not possible at all.
Medical applications:
In the domain of medical, we also come across the use of artificial intelligence. The health of patients and the risks associated with them can be studied with the help of AI. Education is provided with regards to side effects of various medicines. Radiosurgery is a common area of ground with artificial intelligence.
Less breaks:
It is a human tendency to take breaks and refreshments every now and then. But that is not the case with machines as when programmed the same task can be performed over and over again. There is no form of boredom involved.
Having illustrated the positives of artificial intelligence, there are some loopholes associated with it also. As they are complex machines, the initial cost of setting up of the same is a difficult task. To meet the needs of the changing environment of the business software programs needs constant updates. Whatever one says intelligence is a man made a gift, and it cannot be replaced by machines. Machines have no form of motions and perform the task assigned to them. They cannot justify whether it is right or wrong. So artificial intelligence needs to be used after a lot of thought. There are many avenues when one needs to decide on the basis of an individual requirement, but with artificial intelligence, one cannot expect it.