Add Domain to existing Bluehost Server

Assign Domain to existing Bluehost Server

How to assign domain to your Bluehost webhosting cpanel

In this post I will explain how to Assign Domain to existing Bluehost Server. This way you can use single hosting package to host multiple domains. If you have multiple blog then you can host multiple website on single cPanel and add the domain as “Add-on Domain“. It will be easy to maintain the hosting and domain of all your blogs or website.

To use the Add-on domain feature, you need to login to the cPanel of your web hosting.

Login to Bluehost Web Hosting

Since, we are talking about Add-on domain on Bluehost server, login to your bluehost web hosting cpanel (

Assign Domain to existing Bluehost Server

Successful login will prompt you in the cPanel of your web hosting area.

Once you are logged in to your cPanel, you can see all the options, among them select the Add Domain under the Domain Management Category. Please refer the image below for detail.

Assign Domain to existing Bluehost Server

Select the Addon Domains, you will be then prompted a screen where you need to enter your domain name which you want to add to the hosting.

Follow the steps to complete Addon Domains on Bluehost

Step 1: Assign or Add Domain

In the very first step, you need to enter the domain you want to add. As it is the first time you are adding a particular domain so use the option “Use a domain that is not already associated with your account and enter the valid domain name without www in the text box.

Step 2: Verify Ownership

As you entered the domain name, the verification of domain process starts automatically. If the domain name server is already set to bluehost nameservers then it will be verified otherwise it will show options like this:

You just need to use any option to verify ownership, I prefer the first option. Just copy the nameservers of bluehost which are NS1.BLUEHOST.COM and NS2.BLUEHOST.COM and go to your domain control panel and update the nameservers then again repeat the verification process and it will show ownership verified.

Note: If the domain is registered with bluehost then there is no need of updating nameserver as its already pointed to bluehost.

Step 3: Choose Addon vs Parked

The Third step is to choose either the option addon domain, parked domain or unassigned domain. As you are adding this as addon domain so choose Addon Domain option.

Step 4: Create Directory for Addon Domain

The fourth step is to create the directory for the addon domain your are adding.  Tick the option create a new directory and enter whatever directory name you want to create but adding domain name as the directory name itself is the better idea.

Assign Domain to existing Bluehost Server

Once you provide all the details, click the button which is at bottom of the page as “assign the domain“. Wait for some time, normally it takes an hour to reflect the changes.

Once, it is done you can see the directory which you have created and you can use that directory to setup your blog.