The Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office


While Microsoft office is regarded as the standards application for word processing, there are still a lot more word processors available that you can get for free. Naturally, one would wonder why they should avoid paying $10 for what seems to be the best word processing software on the market. Open source word processing software has come a long way, which allows business owners to choose free software over expensive proprietary software. If you are a business owner who wants to saves hundreds or even thousands depending up on the size of your company on word processing software, then these best free alternative to Microsoft Word are exactly what you need.

Office Online

As surprising as it may seem, the best possible alternative for using Microsoft Word without losing any major benefits or features is using the online version of Microsoft Word. For those who aren’t aware of Office Online, Microsoft has a free online version of MS Word which allows users to open, create and edit Word documents online. Office Online has an additional feature that actually makes it a more viable option for word processing then its offline paid version. For example, Office Online saves your content in real time and allows you to share and collaborate on documents in real-time as well.

Office Online
Office Online

FreeOffice 2016

SoftMaker’s FreeOffice 2016 is the most similar free alternative for Microsoft Word. The latest version of FreeOffice 2016 provides full compatibility for DOC, DOX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, and PPT formats. The software design is rather sleek and resembles MS Word in more ways than one. The best part about using FreeOffice 2016 is that it has almost no loading times and can be used to make PDF files or ePUB files.

Free Office
Free Office

Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is one of the more well-known MS Word alternatives due to its versatility in word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics and databases. Apache OpenOffice allows users to read, edit and save MS word files as well as saving normal files in OpenDocument format. Apache OpenOffice contains features for spreadsheet applications, drawing simple diagrams to 3D illustrations and can even be used to create mathematical equations.

Open Office
Open Office


If you are someone looking for something exactly like MS Word your best bet is LibreOffice. LibreOffice used to be a part of OpenOffice 5 years ago but since the software split LibreOffice has focused more on its word processing features rather than design and additional features. LibreOffice resembles older versions of MS Word, more than compensates for the lack of design with faster processing power. It has all features any writer would need which includes auto-saving, auto-correction, spell & grammar check. It supports all the features MS Word does, from reading files in docx format, to saving in PDF format, to header and footer support, all MS word features can be found in LibreOffice.



AbiWord is one of the few word processing software you can use without having to install any suite. Though AbiWord looks like an older version of MS word, it has a lot more to offer. Due to its advanced document layout capabilities, mail merge features and free plug-ins to add more features and design, AbiWord is one of the most flexible and customizable free word processing software available.


Best compact SUVs 2017 | On The Market IN 2017

These days, people demand utility and convenience. Going to the theater, supermarket or just taking a hike in the nearby neighborhood gets a whole lot convenient when you have a car to get you from place to place. New innovative technologies are making your stop to stop transportation easier and safe. In the auto market these days, cars come with many enhancements.  Lane changing departure warnings come on the all new Toyota Rav4 and the Honda CRV. Also, Toyota has upped its ante by marketing the Rav4 with warning breaks which become effective when the car is about to hit an object while driving. There are plenty more accessories and equipment’s within small compact SUV’s that make it a buyers best option for ease, comfort, convenience and utility.

  1. Toyota RAV4 2017 XLE
Best Compact SUV
Toyota RAV4

The new Toyota RAV4 is stylish and looks like a high end luxury vehicle. Many of the features within this car distinguish it from other competitors.  The highly refined front bumper and back fascia make it look like an Acure RDX.  Being a sibling company of Lexus, Toyota has added many of Lexus’ suspension and handling features to the RAV4. Debuting in 1995 as a compact SUV in America, this vehicle has become a trendsetter in today’s world. It drives like a beast and gives you a good day driving through rain and snow. There are five levels of this car, as it comes in LE, XLE, Limited, SE and Platinum.



2. 2017 Honda CR-V EX-L With Navigation

Best Compact SUV
Compact SUV

Introducing a new redefined quality packed suv that doesn’t displease its owner. For this year, it is quality fitted with new quality leather and wooden imitation sideboards with ample cup-holder space. More space than the RAV4 means there is more comfort to rest your arms and legs when there are five people in the car. Tall people can also fit well in the back row of seats.  With the new added horsepower of 180 plus, there is less of a drag when the car is heavy.  Surely to please, this car has an excellent crash test rating that will keep its passengers safe.  When considering this car over the Toyota RAV4, one thing that stands out is more cargo room.


3. 2017 Subaru Forester

Best Compact SUV
Compact SUV

With quality comes a high price, but this car is manufactured with cost in mind. There is plenty of dense quality products which make the car sturdy. Although the car seems a little heavier than a Nissan Rogue, it gets excellent fuel mileage which runs to around 25 to 26 miles. The car handles well, but it seems that ride comfort is comparable to a Toyota Corolla. There is ample area within this car which lets passengers stretch. Also, there is lots of head room for a six foot, eight inch man.


4. 2017 Nissan Rogue

Best Compact SUV
Compact SUV

The Nissan Rogue puts its trademark into the Star Wars series. This car seems like a rocket ship in that it has smooth handling and clean craftsmanship. There is a smooth and nicely distributed dashboard which connects with a sideboard.  The seats are comfortable and upgrading to the leather version seems not to be that expensive.  Turning with this vehicle is easy and comparable to a compact car.  Handles like a compact car.  There is ample behind the back seat storage to fit five big Samsonite luggage box. So, if you’re looking into going to the airport with friends, this car can handle a big load.


5. 2017 Mazda CX-5

Best Compact SUV
Compact SUV

What a stylish look that has some comparisons to the Toyota RAV4.  Sleek design outside and inside beats the RAV4’s basic inside upholstery look.  Its well to mention that the RAV4 has better steering and ride quality.  But looking into the amenities of inside the cabin, the CX-5 is sure to please.  Although this car has less cargo space compared to many other compact SUVs, it pleases its driver with a small car feel that hugs the roads.


types of wireless networks

Lifeline of the New Age – Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking

The wireless network has changed the complete communication scenario of the modern world. It has made the world a smaller place, where people can reach out to their counterparts living miles away from them within a blink of an eye.

Wireless Networking

What is wireless networking?

Wireless networking is an interconnected network of various nodes using wireless data links. It is a technique to avoid the costly process of employing cables into an edifice. It is generally employed and managed using radio communication. The execution of wireless network takes place at the somatic layer of the OSI model network assembly.

The most common examples of wireless network are Wireless local networks, cell phone networks, satellite communication networks, wireless sensor networks, and terrestrial microwave networks.

Different Wireless links

wireless links

Wireless links provide the connection of computers with the network. Different wireless links are listed below:

  • Terrestrial microwave – They use Earth-based receivers and transmitters like satellite dishes. They are usually in the low gigahertz range, limiting communications to only the line-of-sight.

  • Communications satellites – the mode of communication is carried out via microwave radio waves, which are not ricocheted by the Earth’s atmosphere. They can receive and relay data, voice and TV signals.

  • Cellular and PCS systems – The multiple geographic areas have a low-power transmitter to transmit calls from one zone to the other zone.

  • Radio and spread spectrum technologies – They use a high-frequency radio technology and spread spectrum technology to permit communiqué between various devices in a restricted area.

  • Free-space optical communication It uses invisible or visible light for communications.

Types of wireless networking

Wireless Networking

  • Wireless PAN:

WPANs connect devices within a comparatively small area, usually within an individual’s reach. Bluetooth is a very common example of WPAN.

  • Wireless LAN:

Wireless LANs connect local resources to the Internet. It connects two or more devices over a small distance using a wireless distribution method.

  • Wireless mesh network:

This network is made of radio nodes systematized in a mesh topology. Every nodule forwards communications on behalf of the other nodules.

  • Wireless MAN:

Wireless metropolitan area networks connect several wireless LANs.

  • Wireless WAN:

Wireless wide area networks cover large areas. They are usually used to connect various subdivisions of enterprises. A typical system consists of access points, base station gateways and wireless bridging relays.

  • Global area network:

A GAN provides communication among a capricious number of satellite coverage areas, wireless LANs etc.

  • Space network:

They allow communication between the spacecraft, generally in the purlieu of the Earth. NASA’s Space Network is a perfect example of space network.

Uses of wireless networking

Wireless Networking

Wireless networking has become an inevitable part of our day to day life. Most notable everyday use of wireless networks is the cellular phone which has enabled billions of people to stay connected with friends, family and the entire world. Other useful features of wireless networking include Intercontinental network systems, emergency services , for sending and sharing data rapidly among the various subdivisions of an enterprise, etc.

Wireless Network Security keys

 Wireless Networking

The security of a wireless network is very important as the personal information and files on the wireless network can be easily accessed by people connected to the same wireless network. It can result in identity theft and many other malicious acts.

A network security key protects the wireless network from such unauthorized access. We can easily enable or change our security key through the Network and sharing center.

There are two wireless security methods:

  • Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA and WPA2)

WPA and WPA2 entail users to provide a security key. After the key is authenticated, the data sent between the access point and device are encoded.

There are two types of WPA authentication:

  • WPA

  • WPA2 (WPA2 is the most secure).

  • Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

WEP is an age old network security technique. It is still offered to upkeep the older devices, though it’s no longer suggested.

There are two kinds of WEP:

  • Open system authentication

  • Shared key authentication.

Practice for Designing an E-Commerce Website that Yields Dividends

E-Commerce Website

The prime objective of an e-commerce website is to provide an alternative to brick and mortar shops and provide a better shopping experience from the comfort of your couch. There is no doubt that the customer acquisition process starts with a great product, but if you have a powerful website to back it up then it creates a positive experience among buyers. A website that is able to convince and provide a unique experience to your customer is considered as the most useful and impactful.

Focus on value proposition:

Highlighting the value of a website converts casual visitors into potential customers. Visitors can make up their mind within a span of seconds, and the question is how you can showcase something unique that convinces customers instantly. An attractive title or a visual image can be a great idea. But the site should have a differentiating factor which keeps it ahead of competition.

Visual hierarchy to be incorporated:

A website is a visual medium, and when you are competing for a user’s attention, you need to organize content accordingly and convey the right message to the customer. The site must be designed in a way so that it is easy to navigate.

There should be proper images and descriptions of the product. The images should cover multiple angles with zoom in and zoom out options. Also, the quality of the image should be very high to nullify issues such as difference between what you see and what you get.

The descriptions should be in a proper format and cover all aspects of the product in an informative an engaging way.

Simplify navigation:

As many as 94 % of users believe that first impression has to do with simplified navigation and visual appeal. One must remember that it is not at all a rocket science and analyze how you can take your client to a section where he wants to go in the minimum possible time and clicks. Try to reduce the number of clicks it takes for an individual to reach the page he desires and have a simple and smooth navigation of pages.


The visitors can be classified into two categories. Some are aware of what they want, whereas the others are not. The idea is to create an effortless search experience, and the customers should reach the product of their choice in the shortest time frame. As a strategy, you can make the search bar visible. Another important tool would be keyword centered products. It will enable a customer to look for the product which he wants with ease. Search engine optimization, both on-page and off-page is of paramount importance.

E-Commerce Website

Product filters should be installed:

Most of the ecommerce websites sell a wide variety of products. Though it is always a great thing to have options, but customers want the shopping time to reduce. A focused shopper likes to quickly reach to a particular brand or price range where he can go for a focused search. When you add filters, you need to think about the criteria like prices, brands, sizes or materials. One of the most important points to consider here is if the filters are not clearly visible, they will be of no value.

The checkout process should be painless:

An alarming statistic shows that 69 % of customers do not wait for their transactions to finish. Many factors can be attributed to this behavior but on your part, you can make the checkout process as simplified as possible. One option would be to let the shoppers log in as guests rather than registering themselves. This is debatable since the customers would have to enter essential details like address, mobile number etc. every time in order to place an order .Also, personalized deals and services would definitely convince customers to create an account. However, for the segment of customers who still do not wish to register, the idea should be to enable checkout with minimum details and navigation.

Build a trustworthy environment:

The most important aspect is to create a trustworthy environment so that the customers can buy your products with confidence and love to surf the site. This assumes a lot of significance as cybercrimes account for $ 400 billion worth of financial loss yearly.

Also the product you deliver should be of high quality and should match the expectations you set while trying to sell the product. A bad customer experience is sure to hurt your business and devalue your brand name.

So, positive testimonies of customers who have purchased from your website can be of great help. They can be reviews and ratings of specific products or the website as a whole. The ecommerce website should facilitate this process.


The tips mentioned here will be of some help when you design an E-commerce website. You need to keep conversion aspect on top of your agenda. There are so many roadblocks during your purchase that flows along with search. A little bit of a tweak, big or small and all the bottlenecks can be removed. The user experience will increase manifold in the days to come.

Reliance Jio Launches Cheapest 4G Service in India

Breath-taking launch of India’s cheapest 4G services by Reliance Jio

India’s business powerhouse – ‘Reliance Industries’ has once again amazed the nation and the rest of the world with their cheapest 4G service offering.  The service aims to create a digital revolution of unmatched proportion and bring millions of Indians online.

The unmatched popularity and staggering subscriber base just within a few weeks of launch are a testimony of the credibility which Reliance enjoys. The Jio service is offering customers three months of free services. This is when the company is planning to test its network and make it fully operational. Thereafter, It will be followed by free voice calls and cheapest data plans charging somewhere around 50 rupees(Less than $1) per gigabyte of data as claimed by the company.

Jio has already glinted a price war in the Indian telecom market. Ambani’s, who have always amazed the world with their revolutionary business models have yet again come up with an idea which has taken the country by storm. This will create a healthy competition in the lucrative telecom industry and the customer is going to be the ultimate winner.

Reliance Jio  4G

What makes it special?

 Reliance Jio Launches Cheapest 4G Service in India

  • Biggest fiber optic network – Reliance has laid 250,000 Kms. Of high quality fiber optic cable and established a network capable of handling even 5G with ease.
  • The investment – Reliance has invested 150,000 crores for setting up the infrastructure. Jio has been declared as the biggest startup in the world and the investment reflects the vision of the company. This will not only boost the economy but also force other players to invest and upgrade their network.
  • 4G Spectrum in all zones – Jio is the only provider which has won spectrum rights in all the 22 zones of the country.
  • Only 4G – They only offer 4G services and hence have a focused service offering.
  • Call sent as data (VoLTE) – This is a first in the Indian market and specifically designed for 4G technology. They will send calls in the form of data through 4G itself. The experience would be something like a Skype call in much better quality.
  • Ecofriendly towers – Jio has installed 90,000 ecofriendly 4G towers which look like a tree. This has been done with the sole purpose of not damaging the aesthetic appeal of a place with metallic towers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Reliance Jio Launches Cheapest 4G Service in India

Be informed and grab your sim

Reliance Jio services are definitely worth a try. But before you decide to get your own SIM, here are few things you must know:

Reliance Jio Launches Cheapest 4G Service in India

  • To repeat, it is a 4G service, which will not work on older phones, that supports only 3G.
  • Reliance Jio makes use of VoLTE (Voice over LTE) network, a new concept in India. In this process, the calls are made through data. In such a scenario, making Jio to Jio voice calls is not a problem, but making calls to a different service number, require you to install an app known as Jio Join.
  • To grab your Jio SIM from a Jio store, never forget to take your Aadhar card along with you. It will make the process of acquiring the SIM smoother.
  • Jio SIMs are available free of cost. You need not pay any price to any dealer to get your SIM. Even the Jio’s services like data, voice, video and other applications are available free of cost till 31st of December 2016.
  • For students, to avail your extra share of discounts, never miss carrying a valid student Id along with you, when you go to grab your Jio SIM.

Charges after December 31, 2016

From the period of its launch to December 31, 2016, all the services are absolutely free. After December 31, customers will have to pick up a tariff plan. The customers will be charged only for the data. The voice calls to any network throughout the country will be completely free and no roaming charges will be levied. Keeping in mind the benefits of a large spectrum of customers, a total of 10 tariff plans will be introduced initially.

Hurdles on the go

As per many analysts, the coming five years are said to be difficult for Jio, as they offer only 4G services. This means they are still out of the reach of the people with 3G or 2G arrangements.

Speculations are also being made, whether the setup can handle the 40m subscriber base as predicted by Morgan Stanley.

Microsoft Sharepoint – An Effective Collaboration Platform

Upgrade Your Business with a Competent Collaboration Platform – Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft’s SharePoint Collaboration Platform has made sharing information and working together well-organized and efficient. The emblematic team working configurations is sustained by appealing and customizable templates. It also offers a structured polyglot collaboration hub. Corporate houses around the world are recognizing the benefit of integrating SharePoint collaboration gears in their daily workflows. By integrating improved data sharing mechanism and multiple data flows, SharePoint can expand efficiency and competence.

Microsoft Sharepoint

What is SharePoint?

Businesses use SharePoint to develop websites. It can also be used to organize, store, share, and access data from nearly all the devices using a simple web browser, like Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox.

SharePoint Products/Technologies

  • SharePoint Online:It is a cloud-based service for businesses of all sizes. It does not require mounting and installing SharePoint Server on-premises. Employees can develop sites to share documents and information.
  • SharePoint Server:It requires deploying and managing SharePoint Server on-premises.
  • SharePoint Foundation: It is a basic technology for all SharePoint sites. It is no longer available as a separate identity in the latest versions of SharePoint.
  • SharePoint Designer 2013:It was last released in 2013 to build commanding, workflow-enabled solutions.
  • One Drive for Business sync:It is used to sync documents from to employee’s computer for offline use.

Microsoft Sharepoint

Features of Microsoft SharePoint

  • Significant portal with an inbuilt content and navigation system.
  • Project alliance for public sector projects by simulated teams.
  • Team cooperation for long-running teamwork associated with administrative functions.
  • Absconding collaboration for simple, makeshift workspaces.
  • Information sharing groups for realm experts to share acumens.
  • Opportunity for Online SharePoint using Office365.
  • To support monitor endorsement, it provides usage reports.
  • Cohesive and influential search.
  • Tranquil, polyglot content editing and publishing.Microsoft Sharepoint

Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint

  • It provides effectiveness by collaborating successfully.
  • It highly reduces the transport outlays by collaborating in the cloud.
  • It is built on a business customary podium for tranquil migration options.
  • It offers secure connections, even on mobile devices.
  • It is very easy to add/remove users and features on SharePoint.
  • Live up to all the Cloud Security Principles.
  • SharePoint stands to self-sufficiency and provides skills transfer.

Success Story of SharePoint

SharePoint has grown immensely over the years. It is now one of the most in demand collaboration tool.  It now includes Web 2.0 capabilities, social networking features, and an increasing total of third-party plug-ins and add-ons. It also provides BI insights. Though this tool is not new, the way it is used has been considerably changed, over the years.

Microsoft Sharepoint

SharePoint customization tips

SharePoint stores information on a variety of diverse places which can be retrieved as per the requirement. Customizing such a large pool of data and its data flow is a huge timesaver. Businesses invest in SharePoint to deploy it as a collaboration platform and a tool, which can help employees to work more cohesively. Apart from this, there are many benefits of SharePoint in assimilating it with other structures of an organization.

Available alternatives to SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint has throngs of admirers in midsized companies, especially when it comes to collaborative workspaces or departmental file sharing. But for many other companies, which are not ready to invest on SharePoint, there are other SharePoint options.

Added features Of Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) is the best server when it comes to WSS and adds additional features. The data of SharePoint are present in an SQL Database. It presents the information to the users, using Web parts using an extensive range of diverse modules. It includes various miscellaneous applications as Document management, Collaboration, Personalization, Records Management, Workflow and even the more multifaceted metadata models like Blogs and Wikis.

To add to this all, the Microsoft Search Server, provides cutting-edge indexing and probing abilities that can be incorporated into a SharePoint Web-based interface.


What is Big Data Analytics?

What is Big Data Analytics?

With the world rapidly accepting digitalization and technology, the volume of data being generated has surpassed all estimates. As per some statistics available, we are generating a staggering 2.5 quintillion bytes data every day. Another interesting fact is that 90% of the data available today has been generated in the last couple of years. If we even continue at this pace, we can very well imagine the volume of data which we would have in a decade down the lane.

  Big Data Analytics?

There are two very import aspects of data which combine to determine how effectively we utilize the generated data.

  • Data Storage – Effective data storage is of paramount importance for any business or any organization. Data comes from multiple OLTP systems and other sources which need to be stored in a database. Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and SAP are the leaders in database management systems. However, as per Gartner’s magic quadrant 2015, Amazon Web Services and MongoDB has also made it to the leader board.


  • Data Processing – A hyper competitive marketplace demands businesses to take the right decisions at the right time. Critical business issues can be avoided by effectively utilizing business intelligence and the available data. However the ever increasing volume of data has surpassed the analytical capabilities to traditional BI software’s and has led to the emergence and acceptance of Big Data Analytics.

Understanding the Technology and Its Utility

Big data is the collection of large and complex datasets generated from unconventional sources such as social media, sensors deployed to collect climate information, GPS signals, etc. These datasets are difficult to capture, store and search using the conventional database technologies available in the market. Also it is difficult to transform and process such datasets to extract analytical information through traditional business intelligence tools and technologies. This is where Big Data analytics steals the limelight and provides qualitative insights.

Big Data analytics is no more a big idea. It is a technology developed by multiple leading companies around the globe and has already tasted commercial success. It is fundamentally changing the way businesses manage their day to day operations and take critical business decisions.

 Big Data Analytics?

Below are some basic advantages of using Big Data Analytics.

  • Massive cost reduction – Technologies like Hadoop and cloud based analytics have tremendously reduced the cost associated with the maintenance of on premise IT infrastructure. Larger volumes of structured and unstructured data can now be stored at fraction of the cost associated with traditional techniques.
  • Improved Efficiency – The lightning speed of Hadoop and in-memory analytical platform gives businesses the ability to immediately utilize the data and get analytical insights. This is much faster than traditional ETL tools which needed time to load the data from source system to target BI system. This has facilitated quick decision making.


Big Data AnalyticsWidening Horizons

The wider acceptance of big data analytics can be attributed to the fact that big data is no more seen as a challenge but rather considered as an opportunity to derive meaningful insights to effectively take business decisions. Lower cost, scalability, robust IT support and superior results have all combined to make this technology one of the most sought after technologies of this decade.

Get Ready for a Better UX from Facebook for Businesses

  Better UX from Facebook for BusinessesThe internet has become a primary platform for carrying out businesses in the present-day world. Facebook, which is the world’s second most visited website, carries an enormous potential in marketing.  Most of the businesses today have their Facebook business page. Every business desires to pick up potential leads, from a vast pool of data over Facebook.

An introduction to FB’s new UX for businesses.

Seeing the tremendous growth of Facebook as a leading marketing platform, the company has confirmed the rollout of its new-fangled business page that is branded by a cleaner look and feel. The inventiveness of the study gone into this rich user experience design is worth an applause. The new and improved UX will astound you with its easiness, unsullied convenience, oodles of business specific options, abridged noise and boundless customization options. Facebook adds product/service trustworthiness, user openness, collaboration and unbolts the entry of the commerce to a plethora of clients and ideas. And, above all, it increases sales through extremely active product/ service marketing.

  Better UX from Facebook for Businesses

In the newly revamped Facebook UX, tabs are absent and are swapped by a left-hand side navigation. Even the call to action buttons like “learn more”, “shop now” and “sign up” are more protruding than ever before and are now placed at the top right of the page, just below the cover photo. These buttons can also be customized to display the kind of action the companies want their clients to take. For example, watching videos, shopping, booking appointments or knowing more about a product or service. These buttons enable businesses to deviate their customers to specific actions; their clients wish to take.

Facebook has also removed the display ads that were frequently visible on the right-hand side of the pages. Removal of display ads has made it in line with latest mobile updates and has considerably reduced the visual noise making the page more business specific and making it much more akin and effective as a website. The profile picture is moved to the right, so as not to block the cover photo anymore. The dimensions of the cover photo are still the same: 828 X 315 pixels.

As far as usability is concerned, the chief development is the removal of the page tabs. This allows the users to navigate the complete page more proficiently from one section to another.

The latest user experience design nullifies all the issues as it is up to date with the latest software updates, which makes it operative on laptops, pcs and cutting-edge mobile phones.

  Better UX from Facebook for Businesses

Benefits of newly introduced UX of Facebook.

The latest user experience design of Facebook business pages are precisely designed to bring various benefits to businesses:

  • The openness of this UX has led to the enhanced credibility of the businesses.
  • The new UX of Facebook promises a higher target onlooker.
  • The user-centric stances and choices, let the businesses keep their main focus on the punters’ needs.
  • The ease of use and user-friendliness led to a larger number of efficacious customer connections for the businesses.
  • This UX has also amplified the prospects for trade for businesses via a pioneering and satiating user involvement.
  • Facebook being the world’s second most visited website promises a wider exposure of your business among the potential customers.
  • Facebook’s new UX offers a better product/ service marketing than ever before.
  • Products/ services that are offered by businesses thru Facebook are likely to have more influence on the lives of clients.
  • It also has a budding chance to increase the number of happy customers by appealing user involvement.
  • It gives an endless chance for product/ service enhancement.


How to login to your Office 365 email

login to Office 365

What is Microsoft Office 365? How to login to Office 365 ?

Many of us know about Office 365, but still there might be users who are not aware what is Office 365, how to login to your Office 365 email, why it is better than inhouse exchange email system. Microsoft unveils Microsoft Office 365 on June 28, 2011, where they introduced the collaborative office suite designed for professionals and small businesses. Online Services, unlimited access to email, documents, contacts and calendars anywhere and from many amenities. Office Outlook 365 login gives you all the tools to be productive anywhere, anytime.

Microsoft Office 365 brings together many tools of the Office suite in the cloud and provides SMEs all online administrative tools from a single location such as Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online and Skype for business. Microsoft Office 365 login allows, in particular, the company to offer its employees simplified access to all Office tools on PC, phone and from a Web browser, the service is usable anywhere access to a mobile device requiring internet connection.

Not yet with Office 365.
Try Office 365 for free

If you are not using Office 365, then you can sign up for trial (Microsoft 30 days trial) which requires information such as email address, login IDs, password.

How to login to your Office 365 email

Then once on the home page with Office 365 Outlook configuration tools, Sharepoint and Lync Online, the administrator can at will just add users and modify settings from one or more accounts.

Office 365 login includes a team site where users find shared documents on SharePoint and other information. The “Share Site” tab allows you to edit a page, create a document library and add or edit a site. Download Sharepoint allows you to edit pages, lists or detailed flow.

login to your Office 365 email

Now, after creating your trial Office 365 account for 30 days, you need to login to your Office 365 email login portal. For this open your browser and type in:

Once the tool has assigned an email address, use the web app directly by clicking Outlook 365 Inbox and thus access your email, contacts, and tasks from any web-connected device. You have 25GB of storage capacity. professional equivalent of Microsoft Messenger, Lync Online messaging service locates your contacts and simplifies your communication: Once downloaded and installed the program, go to the application by entering the identifiers assigned to Office outlook 365. Fully customizable, simply you visit the settings to update your status or indicate your availability, or to synchronize information directly from Outlook or Exchange calendar. You can also connect to a landline and receive calls on your PC. Share Point proposes the creation and online document sharing. Create documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote online initially and then share them with your colleagues in the “Team Site”.

Features of Microsoft Office 365

  1. The collaboration is an integral part of every business and applications need to follow this model. The Cloud enables us to offer the software as a service, allowing connection and communication between all your employees within the company and outside external parties. Many assets play for login to your Office 365 email, available by subscription from $ 5 per month per user.
  2. Connect with your teams. Your employees based on their level of authorization can access all the information necessary for achieving your goals. In addition to sharing files, they can intervene directly on files using Office applications and tools.
  3. Stay productive from anywhere, provided they are connected to the web. On a mobile PC, from a compatible phone or a web browser, all your employees will have access to Microsoft 365.
  4. Control your investments. Office 365 gives you access to all necessary Office applications and to master the costs. Add or remove items as needed, adapt the offer to your needs and to market fluctuations.
  5. A guaranteed level of service. The architecture of global extended redundant servers offers peace of mind guarantee for all users. Even high loads SaaS Office 365 can withstand the unexpected peaks or inherent in the calendar.
  6. 99.9% up time. With a financial service level agreement, Microsoft is committed to providing the best possible service rates and to ensure maximum productivity.
  7. A professional messaging and calendar with you all the time. Mail is similar to Outlook and each subscriber has its own sub-domain. Mail management and agenda are at the heart of supply and are entirely secure.
  8. Professional security for your files and your business. Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange is a real antivirus and spam filter offered to small and medium enterprises. A security enhanced by the outsourced hosting of some of your files.
  9. Manage all accounts easily, since the same portal. Give the keys to success in your IT department who will be free to manage user accounts and check in real time the status of Office 365 services.
  10. A support 24/24 7/7. Several solutions are available for assistance. The first level is provided by the Microsoft Office 365 community and self-help modules. Companies subject to more complex technical requirements can contact the dedicated service at any time.
  11. Absolute flexibility. Billing is provided monthly, with user pay. Offers flexible and calculated according to the specific needs of the company. Medium-sized businesses can also add casual and open some positions telecommuting easier.