Practice for Designing an E-Commerce Website that Yields Dividends

E-Commerce Website

The prime objective of an e-commerce website is to provide an alternative to brick and mortar shops and provide a better shopping experience from the comfort of your couch. There is no doubt that the customer acquisition process starts with a great product, but if you have a powerful website to back it up then it creates a positive experience among buyers. A website that is able to convince and provide a unique experience to your customer is considered as the most useful and impactful.

Focus on value proposition:

Highlighting the value of a website converts casual visitors into potential customers. Visitors can make up their mind within a span of seconds, and the question is how you can showcase something unique that convinces customers instantly. An attractive title or a visual image can be a great idea. But the site should have a differentiating factor which keeps it ahead of competition.

Visual hierarchy to be incorporated:

A website is a visual medium, and when you are competing for a user’s attention, you need to organize content accordingly and convey the right message to the customer. The site must be designed in a way so that it is easy to navigate.

There should be proper images and descriptions of the product. The images should cover multiple angles with zoom in and zoom out options. Also, the quality of the image should be very high to nullify issues such as difference between what you see and what you get.

The descriptions should be in a proper format and cover all aspects of the product in an informative an engaging way.

Simplify navigation:

As many as 94 % of users believe that first impression has to do with simplified navigation and visual appeal. One must remember that it is not at all a rocket science and analyze how you can take your client to a section where he wants to go in the minimum possible time and clicks. Try to reduce the number of clicks it takes for an individual to reach the page he desires and have a simple and smooth navigation of pages.


The visitors can be classified into two categories. Some are aware of what they want, whereas the others are not. The idea is to create an effortless search experience, and the customers should reach the product of their choice in the shortest time frame. As a strategy, you can make the search bar visible. Another important tool would be keyword centered products. It will enable a customer to look for the product which he wants with ease. Search engine optimization, both on-page and off-page is of paramount importance.

E-Commerce Website

Product filters should be installed:

Most of the ecommerce websites sell a wide variety of products. Though it is always a great thing to have options, but customers want the shopping time to reduce. A focused shopper likes to quickly reach to a particular brand or price range where he can go for a focused search. When you add filters, you need to think about the criteria like prices, brands, sizes or materials. One of the most important points to consider here is if the filters are not clearly visible, they will be of no value.

The checkout process should be painless:

An alarming statistic shows that 69 % of customers do not wait for their transactions to finish. Many factors can be attributed to this behavior but on your part, you can make the checkout process as simplified as possible. One option would be to let the shoppers log in as guests rather than registering themselves. This is debatable since the customers would have to enter essential details like address, mobile number etc. every time in order to place an order .Also, personalized deals and services would definitely convince customers to create an account. However, for the segment of customers who still do not wish to register, the idea should be to enable checkout with minimum details and navigation.

Build a trustworthy environment:

The most important aspect is to create a trustworthy environment so that the customers can buy your products with confidence and love to surf the site. This assumes a lot of significance as cybercrimes account for $ 400 billion worth of financial loss yearly.

Also the product you deliver should be of high quality and should match the expectations you set while trying to sell the product. A bad customer experience is sure to hurt your business and devalue your brand name.

So, positive testimonies of customers who have purchased from your website can be of great help. They can be reviews and ratings of specific products or the website as a whole. The ecommerce website should facilitate this process.


The tips mentioned here will be of some help when you design an E-commerce website. You need to keep conversion aspect on top of your agenda. There are so many roadblocks during your purchase that flows along with search. A little bit of a tweak, big or small and all the bottlenecks can be removed. The user experience will increase manifold in the days to come.

Best WordPress Travel Themes 2016

Best word press travel themes 2016

The world is a picturesque place. It has captured the imagination of humanity since time immemorial and fascinated us with its beauty and magnificence. Improved connectivity, better resources and a desire to explore has created a group of people known as travel enthusiasts. The tourism industry has grown by leap and bounds and now we have so my entrepreneurs foraying into it.

Capitalizing on the robust demand

Travel is one of the fastest growing industries and the countries around the world are promoting their tourism offerings to divert foreign currency into the country to drive the economy, generate employment and improve per capita income of people who are a part of the industry. With better economic conditions than before, people are constantly looking for places to visit and explore. They are continuously in search of information online and a travel agency not having its portal online is bound to fail.

WordPress travel themes are the best medium to showcase your offerings on the website. They are an excellent marketing medium for both travel portals and the tourism agencies of a country at a negligible cost.  A good WordPress travel theme allows the travel blog or travel agency website to focus on features like aesthetics, faster downloading, GPS-enabled maps, information that is unique and exciting for readers, etc.  These themes are expressions elucidate in an artistic manner by the use of pictures, scenery clicks or even videos; that captures attentions of the reader.

These beautiful WordPress travel themes are not only expressive but also impressive and functional. There are best WordPress travel themes 2016 available for the bloggers to feed information and for the audience to read and enjoy the scenic beauty described with words and pictures. Most of the themes are well integrated with the Google Maps, online booking system, page to customize travel packages; provide information on best travel time or weather forecast link, information on packing requirements, etc.  They also provide information on must see places, the best restaurants available, the things to do and even what to wear.

Few of the popular most travel themes are:

Altair theme: A modern theme comprising six different tour content pages allowing the agency to display the tour packages as per their choice ranging from small details to extensive write up along with a built in booking form and advanced tour search option.     Best WordPress Travel Themes

Avada theme: A very powerful and creative theme that allows multipurpose works on the website like creating personal blogs, sharing pictures. It is an entirely customization friendly site.Best WordPress Travel Themes

H-code theme: A creative, young, stunning and responsive WordPress theme. It has a professional theme that can easily detail all the travel aspects starting from hotels to restaurants the spas etc. It is one of the easiest theme allowing users to build portfolios instantly.h-code-theme

Love travel theme: It is a customized travel page to support any travel business. It allows the user to design its own pages with options like add map, booking system, upload videos, describe destinations and packages, etc.Best WordPress Travel Themes

Trendy Travel: A very colorful page allowing an amazing set of features to be displayed. This theme has the creative page builder feature accommodating options like advanced search, event calendars, holiday and tour packages, hotel details and destination details, etc.Best WordPress Travel Themes

Book your travel: A revolutionary theme that allows anyone to kick start the travel at any budget. With features like availability checker, pricing options, reservation and booking system, information on five stars to budget hotels or motels everything can just be placed and updated regularly.Best WordPress Travel Themes

Be a pioneer in offering the best vacation through Word Press travel / hotel themes 2016.

Best WordPress Health Medical Themes 2016

With competition ever increasing, business houses understand that if they want to establish their ubiquitous presence, they need an online presence. That’s why nowadays, companies are showing their inclination towards responsive websites that can be easily accessible from any devices.  In this regard, website design is one the paramount factors that a company needs to consider if they want to enhance their brand value and identity. A plethora of studies show that a well-built website will be able to drive more customer traffic, and an improved user interface will always elevate conversion.

WordPress is a highly configurable Content Management System (CMS) which is used to design a website be it a simple blog or a full-featured and diverse website. A WordPress theme is a user-friendly interface packaged with an embedded code to be used on a website. A theme not only uplifts the aesthetic looks of the website but also enhances other functionalities of the site.

Medical services are amongst the most searched for services in the world. In this article, we are abridging some best WordPress Health Medical theme 2016 which will not only enhance the look of your website but also they are user-friendly and easily manageable. They have been designed keeping in mind the SEO best practices.

  •  Medica Pro: This theme combines both professionalism and sobriety. The theme has a very organized structure which helps the visitor to access information conveniently. Some of the exclusive features of this theme are browser compatibility, many choices of colors, theme custom widgets, localization, theme options panels, etc. The price of this theme is near about $67.Best WordPress Health Medical Themes
  • Regina Pro: This theme is very popular in this niche. The charming look and modern features make it very appealing. Some prime features of the theme are unlimited colors and sliders, SEO ready, custom logo, responsive layout and much more. The theme has a price tag of $55.

Best WordPress Health Medical Theme Regina

  • Medico: This is another trending theme for healthcare and medical services. Features like unlimited sliders and portfolio, responsive layout, visual shortcode generator, price table builder make this theme exclusive and enchanting. It carries a price tag of $59.


Best WordPress Health Medical Themes medico


  • Medi: This theme has a unique combination of white, pink and red colors which makes it different from other WordPress medical themes. Some prime features of the theme are cross-browser compatibility, short codes, color options, localization and much more. The price of this theme is $49.

Best WordPress Health Medical Themes medi


  • MedPark: This is a simple and efficient theme with a white background. This theme is very much apt for healthcare and medical centers. Features like a custom background, social media linking, responsive design, and custom logo makes this theme unique and special. The quoted price for this theme is $48.

Best WordPress Health Medical Themes medpark


  • MedicalPress: MedicalPress is the perfect choice if you want to establish a connection between doctors and patients. Some essential features of the theme are responsive design, multi-language and Google font’s support. The inclusion of a child theme, a slider and numerous styling options makes it a preferred choice. The price is near about $59.

 Best WordPress Health Medical Themes medicalpress


  • Dental Clinic: This theme is specially designed for dental services and possesses a pronounced parallax effect, lots of animations and several other catchy effects. This theme comes within $75.

Best WordPress Health Medical Themes dental clinic


  • MediCure: This theme looks very professional and has an excellent information structure, icons and different blocks in the menu. The white color enhances the beauty of the theme. Some rudimentary features of the theme are custom posts, unlimited colors, and responsive layout, advanced SEO, customized background, etc. The price is $49.

Best WordPress Health Medical Themes medicure


  • Doctor+: This is a very user- friendly and evocative theme which is designed for medical services. The theme is widget zed, has social media integration and menu sections which contains informative content, video and portfolio pages. The content is very tempting and well organized. Colors like blue, white, pink and grey make the theme more vivacious and playful.

Best WordPress Health Medical Themes doctor plus


All of the themes mentioned above are specially designed for healthcare and medical industry. They are incredibly powerful and improve customer engagement in addition to elevating aesthetic appeal.


COUCH CMS techonroad

How to make HTML5 template into CMS system?

There are plenty of free HTML5 templates available in the internet which you can use for your web project. Most of them follow the latest technical standards and responsiveness but lack CMS system. So, they are perfect for every devices. But, they are not CMS system and when we need to update the content then we need to play with the HTML and CSS to do the changes and again upload it to the web hosting server. This is a difficult process for non technical person.

So, in this post I will be using HTML5 template and COUCH CMS which is a PHP framework to make CMS system. On this system, non technical person can also login using the username and password and do the update of the content.

Download HTML5 Template | Download COUCH CMS

How to make HTML5 template into CMS system?

HTML5 Template:

For demonstration purpose I have used Hyperspace Template from the website

make HTML5 template into CMS system

Once you download the template, you can see the structure of files like this:


There are total 3 pages as “elements.html”, “generic.html” and “index.html”.

Also, download the COUCH CMS from This is simple open source CMS for designers and no knowledge of PHP required at all. Simply, you can use HTML/CSS template and convert it into CMS quickly.

Now, copy your downloaded COUCH CMS and template into single folder at htdocs of XAMPP as shown in fig below.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 4.20.50 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 4.21.33 PM

When you run the localhost on your browser you can see the website as shown below. If you are not able to see the website on your browser then please check your localhost.

How to make HTML5 template into full CMS system

It proves that you have loaded all your template and COUCH CMS correctly.

Lets move further and make the Hyperspace as CMS system. For this, we need to create a database, so go to your browser and type in localhost.

You can see the screen as on your browser.

Making html to cos system easily

Click phpMyAdmin and screen will prompt you to create database.

Once you created your database, you need to define the database details on config file.

Goto the folder htdocs > mywebsite > couch > config.example.php
// Name of the database
define( ‘K_DB_NAME’, ‘database_name’ );
// Database username
define( ‘K_DB_USER’, ‘database_username’ );
// Database password
define( ‘K_DB_PASSWORD’, ‘database_password’ );

After entering all the details, save the file as config.php

Now, goto your browser and type in localhost/mywebsite/couch

You can see the registration page, where you need to put your desired username and password and click install.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 4.34.36 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 4.35.12 PM

Here you have finished the configuration and you have setup a database as well.

So, now you can go to the admin portal with login prompt. For this type in localhost>mywebsite>couch

html to cos system

Click login button to login to your CMS admin portal.

Till now we have set up CMS system but still our template is in static mode so, now we need to update the template as well.

For this goto the mywebsite folder and chage the extension .html to .php.


how to make html into cos system

Open index.php and put <?php require_once( ‘couch/cms.php’); ?> at very top of the page.

Also, put this code  <?php COUCH::invoke(); ?>at the very bottom of the page.


<?php require_once( 'couch/cms.php'); ?>






<?php COUCH::invoke(); ?>

The static template index.html has been converted to index.php CMS template and it is listed in the admin CMS portal as shown in fig below. Now, add top and bottom script to all pages (generic.php and elements.php). And, those two pages will be displayed in the admin area as well.

make HTML5 template into CMS system

All three static html pages has been converted to CMS template.

Now, we need to add scripts which will enable the content to be edited from this admin area.

Let’s take index.php first.

We need to update the content of the index.php from the admin section.

Edit the heading of the index.php, for this find the <h1> in the index.php page, h1 and its content should be just below the <body>.

make HTML5 template into CMS system

Add the script in-between the Hyperspace and save the index.php, refresh the index.php page.

CMS System

When you refresh index.php page you can’t see the Hyperspace (Previous heading), because it has been deleted and there is no title in the database. So, now login to the admin and you can see there is new component in index.php template.

CMS System

Enter new title as “New Heading For Testing” and click save, now click view to see whether it has been displayed in front page or not. Once you click view new tab opens and you can see the title has been changed as per we entered.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 5.04.57 PM

Similarly, change the description which is under the heading from the back end admin area. For this we need to put script again in “index.php” template.

After this again, refresh the index.php and on the admin area you can see the new section where you can update the content.


Once you save the description, you can click view to see if the changes has been reflected on first page or not.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 5.13.25 PM

We can see the changes has been done on the index page.

Basically, putting the script in the place where required you can make simple HTML5 template into full CMS system.

Go through the COUCH CMS Documentation

Add Domain to existing Bluehost Server

Assign Domain to existing Bluehost Server

How to assign domain to your Bluehost webhosting cpanel

In this post I will explain how to Assign Domain to existing Bluehost Server. This way you can use single hosting package to host multiple domains. If you have multiple blog then you can host multiple website on single cPanel and add the domain as “Add-on Domain“. It will be easy to maintain the hosting and domain of all your blogs or website.

To use the Add-on domain feature, you need to login to the cPanel of your web hosting.

Login to Bluehost Web Hosting

Since, we are talking about Add-on domain on Bluehost server, login to your bluehost web hosting cpanel (

Assign Domain to existing Bluehost Server

Successful login will prompt you in the cPanel of your web hosting area.

Once you are logged in to your cPanel, you can see all the options, among them select the Add Domain under the Domain Management Category. Please refer the image below for detail.

Assign Domain to existing Bluehost Server

Select the Addon Domains, you will be then prompted a screen where you need to enter your domain name which you want to add to the hosting.

Follow the steps to complete Addon Domains on Bluehost

Step 1: Assign or Add Domain

In the very first step, you need to enter the domain you want to add. As it is the first time you are adding a particular domain so use the option “Use a domain that is not already associated with your account and enter the valid domain name without www in the text box.

Step 2: Verify Ownership

As you entered the domain name, the verification of domain process starts automatically. If the domain name server is already set to bluehost nameservers then it will be verified otherwise it will show options like this:

You just need to use any option to verify ownership, I prefer the first option. Just copy the nameservers of bluehost which are NS1.BLUEHOST.COM and NS2.BLUEHOST.COM and go to your domain control panel and update the nameservers then again repeat the verification process and it will show ownership verified.

Note: If the domain is registered with bluehost then there is no need of updating nameserver as its already pointed to bluehost.

Step 3: Choose Addon vs Parked

The Third step is to choose either the option addon domain, parked domain or unassigned domain. As you are adding this as addon domain so choose Addon Domain option.

Step 4: Create Directory for Addon Domain

The fourth step is to create the directory for the addon domain your are adding.  Tick the option create a new directory and enter whatever directory name you want to create but adding domain name as the directory name itself is the better idea.

Assign Domain to existing Bluehost Server

Once you provide all the details, click the button which is at bottom of the page as “assign the domain“. Wait for some time, normally it takes an hour to reflect the changes.

Once, it is done you can see the directory which you have created and you can use that directory to setup your blog.

Bluehost Register Free Domains

Register Free Domains

Are you looking to Register Free Domains? Then you are in the right place. There are several web hosting and domain registrar company which provides you free domain bundled with the package. Among, them Bluehost is one of the domain and web hosting company.

What is

BlueHost started operating in the year 1996, primarily offering shared hosting services. It was founded by Matt Heaton, since 2011 Dan Handy operates as the CEO of the company.

Basically, blueHost specializes in shared hosting, but they’ve now started offering additional types of hosting like VPS, dedicated servers, and managed WordPress hosting. BlueHost claims to host over 2 million websites worldwide, making them one of the top hosting companies on the basis of hosted sites volume.

BlueHost is your typical budget-friendly web host that offers a standard cPanel and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) setup for people who’re not looking for too many features.

Register Free Domains

If you are going to setup your blog immediately and buy web hosting, then you are eligible for FREE Domain (Free domain for a year) from Bluehost. Free domain is bundled with your hosting package, it does not really matters which package you buy. Also, if you are not satisfied, then there is  a 30 day money back guarantee as well so there is a win win situation either way.

It shouldn’t take no longer than 5 minutes to complete registration. Simply follow the steps below.

STEP 1 – Go to and click on the “Get started now” button.

STEP 2 – You will get the package list on your screen, select depending upon your requirement. As we can host many websites on single host I prefer getting Plus package as shown in fig below and click select.

Register Free Domains

STEP 3 – Type in the domain name which you want for your blog or website.

Bluehost Free register domains

STEP 3 – Enter your personal details for completing the registration process. Add you name, address, e-mail address and choose a payment type – Credit card or PayPal.

Bluehost domain registration

STEP 4 – Choose a suitable hosting package. You can either sign up for 1 year, 2 years or even 3 years. If you are just starting out and learning the ropes, choose 1 or 2 years.

*Domain privacy is optional if you want to keep your website fully anonymous tick that option. If you don’t want to stay anonymous, un-tick that option and you’ll save another $0.99 per month.

wordpress hosting bluehost

Once you have managed to sign up with Bluehost, you are now able to start making/building websites on your domain name. Just log in to your control panel and choose WordPress or Joomla as your website builder.

Bluehost Shared hosting feature

  • Feature-packed cPanel – integrated with CloudFlare, Page Speed Grader, Google Apps and a lot of other tools. Their custom user interface looks a lot better than the regular cPanel default skin.
  • Premium Anti-spam solutions built right in cPanel.
  • Free, unlimited email accounts.
  • Automatic daily backups for all your website data, and stored files.
  • Free domain (for 1 year) along with your shared hosting plan.
  • 24×7 Live Chat & Phone Support.
  • Decent level of customization for a shared hosting plan – including SSH (Secured Shell Access), Server Side Includes, PHP.ini and .htaccess modification support.
  • Multiple user-access control mechanism to assign multiples users and restrict their access to specific sections of the same hosting account (like one account may access only the billing section).
  • Built-in CDN (Content Delivery Network) support with CloudFlare integration.

Hopefully, this post helped you regarding the free domain registration with bluehost.

who is hosting website

How to Find Out Who Hosts a Web Site

There are several websites you can find on the internet, but you might wonder where they all are hosted and wanted to know about the hosting company. Then you are in the right place, here I will show you how to find out who hosts a web site.

Trying to figure out who hosts a web site can be an annoying task if you’re trying to go through the usual channels by searching a WHOIS database. A lot of times you will only get the company or person that registered the domain name, but not the actual hosting company.

How to Find Out Who Hosts a Web Site

There is a website called “Who is Hosting This?” whose sole purpose is to tell you the company that is hosting a website. This website simply do checking give a clear and concise answer about who is hosting the website.

who is hosting website

I need to recommend several web hosting company to my clients for their websites so I  do check different hosting company and find the better among them. First wanted to know what hosting companies some peer sites in my field were using, such as I know those sites run smoothly and have millions of visitors every month, so if their servers can handle that traffic, I would be more inclined to go with one of those hosting companies.

Once you type in a domain name,, you’ll get your answer right away:

How to Find Out Who Hosts a Web SiteThe Leaseweb USA is actually the hosting company for the techpp website. I’ve tried it on a good number of sites and the results have been correct each time. Also, very large sites like, etc. will not give you any useful information because they have their own IP address ranges and use their own servers. You will also see this for other companies like CNET, etc because they manage all of their own hosting.

The other way we can find the web hosting company is to get it from hosting Name Server (NS). For e.g. We can use and find the Name Server of hosting.

How to Find Out Who Hosts a Web Site

According to the name server, the website Man On The Bike Pizza has been hosted in bluehost. Bluehost Web hosting company is really good and it is affordable as well.

Bluehost gives you the free domain name if you buy a web hosting for a year.

Bluehost - Web Hosting Company

Overall, you should really run into very few issues when trying to determine the hosting company for a website. If you do, someone is really trying hard to hide his/her server from the public. If you have any questions, post a comment. Enjoy!


iPhone 6 Plus & iPads CSS Media Queries

While making a responsive websites targeting the specific devices, we need to use the media queries. And, since new iPhone and iPads are in the market I have listed for iPhone 6 Plus & iPads CSS Media Queries that will help us to tackle the responsiveness of website on those devices.

iPad Media Query (iPad Mini)

iPad in portrait & landscape:

@media only screen and (min-device-width: 768px) and (max-device-width: 1024px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 1)

{ /* Define your style here /*}
iPad mini in landscape:

@media only screen and (min-device-width: 768px) and (max-device-width: 1024px)
and (orientation: landscape) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 1)

{ /* Define your style here */}
iPad mini in portrait:

@media only screen and (min-device-width: 768px) and (max-device-width: 1024px)
and (orientation: portrait) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 1)

{ /* Define your style here */}

iPad mini resolution:

Screen Width = 768px (CSS Pixels)
Screen Height = 1024px (CSS Pixels)

Screen Width = 768px (Actual Pixels)
Screen Height = 1024px (Actual Pixels)

Device-pixel-ratio: 1


iPhone 6 Media Query

iPhone 6 in portrait & landscape:

@media only screen and (min-device-width : 375px) and (max-device-width : 667px) { /* Define your style here */ }

iPhone 6 in landscape:

@media only screen and (min-device-width : 375px) and (max-device-width : 667px)
and (orientation : landscape) { /* Define your style here */ }
iPhone 6 in portrait:

@media only screen and (min-device-width : 375px) and (max-device-width : 667px)
and (orientation : portrait) { /* Define your style here */ }

iPhone 6 Plus Media Query

iPhone 6 Plus in portrait & landscape:

@media only screen and (min-device-width: 414px) and (max-device-width : 736px) { /* Define your style here */ }
iPhone 6 Plus in landscape:

@media only screen and (min-device-width: 414px) and (max-device-width : 736px) and (orientation : landscape) { /* Define your style here */ }

iPhone 6 Plus in Portrait:

@media only screen and (min-device-width: 414px) and (max-device-width : 736px) and (orientation : portrait) { /* Define your style here */ }



Make money by Affiliate Marketing

Make money by Affiliate Marketing

Make money by Affiliate MarketingYou can become a affiliate marketer for any services online and start making money if the people you referred bought the services such as web hosting.

Here i will be showing you how I make money by referring the web hosting services to bluehost company.

The very first step will be making an affiliate account with Bluehost, so visit the website and signup for affiliation account. Please fill all the details carefully also the mode of payment need to be filled properly here. I prefer paypal to receive your money once you make any sale. After you create successful account with Bluehost, you became one step closer to your goal.

Login into the bluehost affiliation cpanel using your login details. Once you are logged in to the member area, you can see the images and links. If you have website then copy and paste those links, on your website the image with link will be displayed. Else, you can simply send the http link in your email to your client or friend who needs web hosting.

As soon as some sale happens you will get email notification from bluehost saying you make a sale and you will be receive money in your nominated account. At the moment Bluehost pays U$65 per signup.

This is not a easy to get money by doing this but its worth to try and make some money online. You need to be really patient about it, thats what I thought in my personal experience. Initially, I was tired of trying to make money online but this is how it works. But I have realised that making money online is not an easy task, need to work on it which is what I am doing in my own slow pace.

Choosing the right domain name for your blog or business

Choosing the right domain name for your blog or business

Choosing the right domain name for your blog or business

Domain name is really important for your blog which represent your niche. But it is really difficult choosing the right domain name for your blog or business. There are several domain name registrars from whom you can buy the domain anytime from anywhere if the domain name is available.

Beside that you need to brainstorm about the domain name and try to get the right name which resembles your business or services. The name you choose for your website is known as Domain name, and it is subject to availability. And Domain Extension is the end part of the address in the form of .com, .org, .info, .net, etc.

So the web addresses look like or

Domain Name is the most important part which is subject to availability and it is the one that displays your brand.

So you can either get a domain name that reflects your business or take any domain and brand it well. Coming to the point as there are many things we need to consider when it comes to choosing the right domain name for our business website or blog.

The top 5 tips to choose the right and the perfect domain name:

Easy to remember domain name

Choose the domain name which is easy to remember and easy to type. Don’t try to go with slang and go with u instead of you. This will make users confuse to remember and type as well.

Don’t use symbols and numbers

Don’t use symbols (-) and numbers in domain such as

Use the right domain name extension

Extensions are suffixes such as .com or .net at the end of web addresses, these can have specific uses so make sure to choose one that works for your business. The .com domain extension is far and away the most popular but it can be tough to get a short and memorable .com domain name because it’s been around for so long.

And here are some other top extensions and how they’re often used:

  • .co : an abbreviation for company, commerce, and community.
  • .info : informational sites.
  • .net : technical, Internet infrastructure sites.
  • .org : non-commercial organizations and nonprofits.
  • .biz : business or commercial use, like e-commerce sites.
  • .me : blogs, resumes or personal sites.

Use keyword in domain name

Keeping a domain name somewhere around relevant keywords is a good idea because it does give an idea to the visitors about what you offer on the website. It is not highly recommended but it is still not a bad idea to choose domains using your keywords.

Make Domain name Short

When it comes to domain names, typically the shorter the better.  Not only are they easier to remember, but they look better.