Buying .com domain name for $0.99 from GoDaddy

Buying .com domain name for $0.99 from GoDaddy

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Now a days internet plays a vital role for every businesses. Each and every business house need their online entity and because of this they build their own online identity. Without domain name the businesses can not show their products or services. In this technically advanced world nobody will be able to find about your business if it is not listed online.

So, they need to invest money and time for this. To overcome all these I have explained Buying .com domain name for $0.99 from GoDaddy.

I will explain the easy way to get the domain name for their blog in cheap price so that they can save their money. There are plenty of domain name providers in the market such as bluehost, godaddy, netregistry. They all accept the credit card payment from their online portal and we can easily buy the domain names which we want if that is available.

So, in regard to this article I will go with the GoDaddy domain provider and on their website we can search the domain name and search for the domain name. Please remember to look for the easy to remember domain name for your services or business. For example, if you have a rental car business then possible domain names will be,, These domains are real catchy and easy to remember. So, I suggest to go for a easy to remember and short domain names.

If the domain name is available then we need to select it and move forward to buy it. Need to login to the GoDaddy portal and move forward to the payment section. As soon as you reach to the payment section, you can see the place where you can insert the promo code. Now, you can Google the promo code on the Google. We did a search on Google saying “Godaddy promo code” and found search result on the screen where we found the code for GoDaddy domain for $.99. Now, copy the code and insert into the promo code section, you can see the price dropped down and move forward to finalize the payment.

Please remember this code might not work if you are going to pay using PayPal.