Best WordPress Health Medical Themes 2016

With competition ever increasing, business houses understand that if they want to establish their ubiquitous presence, they need an online presence. That’s why nowadays, companies are showing their inclination towards responsive websites that can be easily accessible from any devices.  In this regard, website design is one the paramount factors that a company needs to consider if they want to enhance their brand value and identity. A plethora of studies show that a well-built website will be able to drive more customer traffic, and an improved user interface will always elevate conversion.

WordPress is a highly configurable Content Management System (CMS) which is used to design a website be it a simple blog or a full-featured and diverse website. A WordPress theme is a user-friendly interface packaged with an embedded code to be used on a website. A theme not only uplifts the aesthetic looks of the website but also enhances other functionalities of the site.

Medical services are amongst the most searched for services in the world. In this article, we are abridging some best WordPress Health Medical theme 2016 which will not only enhance the look of your website but also they are user-friendly and easily manageable. They have been designed keeping in mind the SEO best practices.

  •  Medica Pro: This theme combines both professionalism and sobriety. The theme has a very organized structure which helps the visitor to access information conveniently. Some of the exclusive features of this theme are browser compatibility, many choices of colors, theme custom widgets, localization, theme options panels, etc. The price of this theme is near about $67.Best WordPress Health Medical Themes
  • Regina Pro: This theme is very popular in this niche. The charming look and modern features make it very appealing. Some prime features of the theme are unlimited colors and sliders, SEO ready, custom logo, responsive layout and much more. The theme has a price tag of $55.

Best WordPress Health Medical Theme Regina

  • Medico: This is another trending theme for healthcare and medical services. Features like unlimited sliders and portfolio, responsive layout, visual shortcode generator, price table builder make this theme exclusive and enchanting. It carries a price tag of $59.


Best WordPress Health Medical Themes medico


  • Medi: This theme has a unique combination of white, pink and red colors which makes it different from other WordPress medical themes. Some prime features of the theme are cross-browser compatibility, short codes, color options, localization and much more. The price of this theme is $49.

Best WordPress Health Medical Themes medi


  • MedPark: This is a simple and efficient theme with a white background. This theme is very much apt for healthcare and medical centers. Features like a custom background, social media linking, responsive design, and custom logo makes this theme unique and special. The quoted price for this theme is $48.

Best WordPress Health Medical Themes medpark


  • MedicalPress: MedicalPress is the perfect choice if you want to establish a connection between doctors and patients. Some essential features of the theme are responsive design, multi-language and Google font’s support. The inclusion of a child theme, a slider and numerous styling options makes it a preferred choice. The price is near about $59.

 Best WordPress Health Medical Themes medicalpress


  • Dental Clinic: This theme is specially designed for dental services and possesses a pronounced parallax effect, lots of animations and several other catchy effects. This theme comes within $75.

Best WordPress Health Medical Themes dental clinic


  • MediCure: This theme looks very professional and has an excellent information structure, icons and different blocks in the menu. The white color enhances the beauty of the theme. Some rudimentary features of the theme are custom posts, unlimited colors, and responsive layout, advanced SEO, customized background, etc. The price is $49.

Best WordPress Health Medical Themes medicure


  • Doctor+: This is a very user- friendly and evocative theme which is designed for medical services. The theme is widget zed, has social media integration and menu sections which contains informative content, video and portfolio pages. The content is very tempting and well organized. Colors like blue, white, pink and grey make the theme more vivacious and playful.

Best WordPress Health Medical Themes doctor plus


All of the themes mentioned above are specially designed for healthcare and medical industry. They are incredibly powerful and improve customer engagement in addition to elevating aesthetic appeal.


How to download wordpress website to your local computer

How to download wordpress website to your local computer

In my previous post I have explained about how to upload the wordpress site from local server to the live server. And, now its just opposite “How to download wordpress website to your local computer?” This will be very helpful for the developers like you who continuously looking for further theme development or the plugin development and don’t want to break the live site.

For this post, I have broken down into different steps as below:

Step 1: Copy your site files from your hosting server to your local server folder. For transferring files from hosting server you can use FileZilla.

Step 2: Login to your web hosting member area and go to the database section (look for the phpmyadmin) and export the database file. Once you downloaded the database log into your local phpmyadmin and create a new database there. After creating a new database import the database to your local server which you exported from your live web hosting.

After this we need to update the file called ‘config.php‘, fill in all of the fields:
Database Name: This is the name of the database in your local phpmyadmin
Username: This is your phpmyadmin username (usually root)
Password: This is your phpmyadmin username’s password
Database Host: This is usually localhost
Database Prefix: normally is wp_ unless someone has changed it manually.

Step 3: Now, we have to do configuration so that we can connect to the database and make the website live on our local server. For this, we need to run the SQL queries in local phpmyadmin section. So, open the phpmyadmin on localhost and execute the following queries (You need to select the SQL tab where you can paste the following query)

UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = replace(option_value, ','http://localhost/yoursite' WHERE option_name = 'home' OR option_name = 'siteurl';

Now we need to fix the links of the pages and posts. Since, all the pages and posts have their live links associated with them we need to change them as well such as ‘’ need to be changed to ‘http://localhost/yoursite/wordpress-website’

UPDATE wp_posts SET guid = replace(guid,'','http://localhost/yoursite');

Now, run your localhost address on your browser and you can see the website on your screen. If you can’t see the website on your browser then there might be something wrong and follow the steps again.

I hope this post helped.

Wordpress ping list

WordPress ping list for faster indexing posts

WordPress ping list is really useful if you want to make your posts index quickly. Normally, there is a by default in your wordpress but we can manually insert others so your post get indexed quickly.

Wordpress ping list for faster indexing posts

Here are some of the WordPress ping list, I have collected few of the list as below:

You can add these WordPress Ping List easily in your wordpress

How to Add Ping List in your WordPress Blog?

Step 1:

Login to your WordPress Blog dashboard.

Step 2:

On the right side options, go to “Settings” tab. It will display a list of options select “Writing“.

Scroll down to “Update Services“. Now just paste here the above shared WP Ping List and remember to do “Save changes“.

Wordpress ping list for faster indexing posts

Updating your ping list is one of the most important and essential setting should be made after installing WordPress.

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Best 5 Free WordPress Theme 2015

There are tons of wordpress theme available for different categories. Among them I have selected Best 5 Free WordPress Theme 2015.


Download WordPress theme Hathor |
Hathor Theme makes it easy to fully customize the Layout, Colors and Style within minutes. The theme is SEO Friendly and has plenty of user-friendly options.


Download WordPress theme cirrus
The Cirrus theme is a soft, user-friendly, WordPress blog theme. Perfect for your personal or business blog with a fully responsive layout based on the newest release of the Bootstrap 3 mobile-first, front-end framework.


Download WordPress theme ColorWay
Colorway is Simple, Elegant, Responsive and beautiful Theme with Easy Customization Options.The Customization Options includes using your own Logos, Backgrounds, Analytics and your own Custom Footer Texts and Analytics that can be tweaked using Theme Options Panel.


Download WordPress theme boardwalk
A minimalistic theme with horizontal scrolling.

Parallax One

Download WordPress theme parallax-one
Parallax One is a simple and elegant theme that can be used for any purpose. It comes with a clean and beautiful design, created to put content first. The theme’s classy look is enforced by a trendy parallax effect, hence the name of the theme.
How to make a blog using wordpress

How to make a blog using wordpress?

Now a days everybody have their own blog online, they are expressing their views on certain topic. And, good thing about this is they are making passive money by monetising their blog (I will explain how to monetize the blog in next post).Do you want to make such a blog using wordpress in few min? If yes, please follow the below steps.

i. Buy Domain name and hosting package

There are several companies providing cheap hosting and domain name for your blog. You can get domain in $1 from goDaddy also their hosting supports the wordpress as well.

ii. Setup wordpress on your hosting

After you bought domain and hosting, now it is the time for wordpress installation. First, download wordpress from, on your computer. Upload, wordpress which you downloaded to your blog server.

Now, its time to create a database, goto cPanel of the server. There you can see “PhpMyAdmin” select it and create database. Please remember the database name, we need to define this while we do the final installation of wordpress.

iii. Final configuration

Open your browser, type your domain name e.g. You can see the final installation screen on your browser. If this is error on the screen and can’t see the final steps of installation then there is something wrong so go to previous step and check if there is something wrong.

Follow the steps shown on the screen and you got your blog ready finally.

iv. Post your first blog

Good news, your first ever blog is ready. To post your first blog article, open your browser and goto the admin area such as Now, type your admin details and you are in the admin area. Select the post in the left side of screen and select “add post”. Write about the content of the post and publish it, and your first ever blog post is ready.


How to Move WordPress From Local Server to Live Site

As a developer, most of us prefer to develop the website using localhost on their computer. There might a question about How to Move WordPress From Local Server to Live Site? So, after finishing the project on the local computer it need to be upload to the live server and make the project live.

In this post I will explain the process of transferring wordpress website from localhost to live web hosting.

For this tutorial I am using XAMPP, FileZilla FTP client and mac OS X.

1. Upload all file using fileZilla

First of all, we need to have web hosting (If you don’t have hosting, then you can get it from Bluehost) and we can use FileZilla to transfer the file from localhost to the web server.

uploading wordpress to live server

Upload all the files (includes all the folders) from the localhost to the server.

2. Configure MySql Database

After updating all the files on the root directory of the server, we need to create a database which will be linked to our wordpress website. For this, we need to export database from localhost and then import the exported sql database to server.

Open localhost on your XAMPP and export the database.

export SQL database from localhost server


Now, login to your web hosting server and import the same SQL database which you have exported from the localhost.

3. Configuration

Now, update the login details in the file config.php (update all the login details of the live hosting server)

Goto the database in the live server and write the following sql

UPDATE wp_posts SET guid=REPLACE(guid,’New live server address’,’Old local server address’);

This will update all the localhost settings which was there in the database.

Also, need to change the localhost/yourwebsite to exact so find table wp_options in the database and open the table and edit it with your new domain name.

Finally, your website is ready. Open the browser and type your web address, wohoooo your localhost website went live.


high paying google adsense keywords 2016

Make a floating Google Ads display at bottom of mobile screen

Google Ads is a source of revenue and if we put it in a right way, it can bring you more money. So, in this post I am going to show how you can put the floating Google Ads on your mobile website.

First you need to have a google adsense account and from where you can get a google adsense script (I might post about this later in my blog if you don’t have detail idea about what is google adsense is).

Now you need to define a media query and define the following code in your CSS file:

@media only screen and (min-width: 310px) and (max-width:500px) {
          position: fixed;
          bottom: 0px;

Now, you need to define the reference this CSS script to your DIV, simply copy the following the code and put it in your WordPress template file (or you can put this in header.php or footer.php)

<div id=”adfooter”>
Copy the Google Ads script from google adsense and paste in this section

How to setup WordPress blog on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is really easy and robust and we can do the WordPress website setup done within 5-10 min times. Here, I will explain how we can do it quickly.

Let’s start by login ( to the Azure portal. After, successfully login to the portal, go to the WEB APPS section, please refer to the following image.

Wordpress Installation on Microsoft Azure

In the image you can see all the websites that has been hosted, at the moment they are stopped but there are list of websites you can see. Once, you finish setup the wordpress website, you can see your website listed here.

So, lets start installing WordPress, please select “+NEW” which is at the bottom left corner of the Azure portal (please see the image above).

As soon as you click the +New button you can see new window comes up, which is as below.

Wordpress website on Microsoft Azure

As shown in the figure above, please select


After clicking FROM GALLERY you will be prompted with new screen with following options. You need to select CMS and the WordPress system from the list. Now, please click the arrow to move forward and it will ask you to select the url of your website and also provide the database details.


You need to enter the URL of your website and create a new MySQL Database for your website. After this, please select the forward arrow and you are almost done.

Wordpress Installation on Microsoft Azure

The Azure will do the WordPress installation on the server and its almost ready.

Finally, go to the browser and type in your URL for eg: and you can see your WordPress website ready.

Now, you can play around with your website themes and start uploading all the plugins or themes or the content.