Choose Affiliate Network

How to Choose an Affiliate Network

How to Choose an Affiliate Network

Affiliate network or affiliate marketing is a way to earn more money from your blog. This mechanism allows a blogger to redirect its readers to a merchant and earn commissions on such referrals.

How to Choose an Affiliate Network

How it works

  • Blogger gets links and advertisements from the merchant.

  • Blogger adds these links and advertisement on their blog to redirect the customer to merchant’s website.

  • Readers can view the advertisements of their interest.

  • Readers may click the advertisement or link and make a purchase from the merchant which will allow the blogger to receive commission from the merchant.

How to find an affiliate network

You need not search extensively on finding an affiliate network. There are many of them and daily some new network emerges out of the blue like a pop-up on your screen.

 Choose an Affiliate Network

How to Choose an Affiliate Network

Factors to consider while selecting a network

  • Content offered

An important aspect of choosing the affiliate network is the content of the blog and the content of affiliate that has been offered. There would be more chances of a person clicking the merchant advertisement if the content he is reading on your blog is quite similar to the content or services offered on merchant’s website/store.

  • Security

While thinking about earning extra income, the blogger must not limit himself to check the basic parameters of the affiliate network, rather he should also verify the security mechanism deployed by the affiliate network. Any breach in security and miss-happening with any reader will affect the hits on blogger page as well in future

  • Quality of offered services

Quality is the main aspect which every customer would want from a product ordered online. If there is quality, there would be more customers. If there is no quality, customers would even stop visiting the blog page leading to loss of reputation and trust.

  • Volume

Volume is something which can be debated upon while choosing an affiliate network. Some business would have so high volume that they would offer lower commissions. This would involve the use of a lot of bandwidth and effort but would also increase the number of readers on the blog.

  • Reputation

Every blog reader would want to ensure that offer being made by the affiliate partner network is genuine and reliable. There are many cases where clicking on a link simply leads to phishing attacks and viruses in machines. For this reputation of the affiliate network helps to ensure reliability.

  • Technology

Technology deployed by the affiliate network in an important concern as nothing can be linked or added to the blog if the technology of affiliate network is not compatible with the coding and design of the blog. While choosing an affiliate network, it must be ensured that both the partners would be compatible with each other’s technology and association seems feasible enough.

  • Payment mechanism

Nothing mentioned above is useful if the payment mechanism and structure is not geared up enough to ensure safety and timeliness of payment. Blogger must have a tracking mechanism to ensure the correctness of payment provided by the merchant for a number of hits.

There would be many more factors to be considered while choosing an affiliate network but I hope the above 7 factors were useful for you to evaluate and understand the importance of choosing a correct affiliate network

How to choose a network and move on with implementation

The best way is to create a matrix for evaluating different affiliate networks. The matrix must answer the questions above along with the factors that may affect blogger’s decision. For eg:

  • Upfront cost

  • Contract term

  • Monthly network fees

  • Non-performance clause

  • Minimum volume offered or expected


How to Choose an Affiliate Network


Each of the item in the matrix must be quantified to make the selection process more efficient

Ultimate goal of the exercise is to find someone who fits your business needs and helps you fulfill your needs rather than their needs. Though by researching more on affiliate networks and plans you would be better prepared for having long term and fruitful relationships.