Cloud Computing

Knowledge of cloud computing in a single click?
Here, we will look at cloud computing; that is a domain of computer technology through internet providing computer services. In the modern era, the data storage has been a big issue, and cloud computing is the best answer to it.
Cloud computing is providing technology to the customer. In the earlier days, the software had to be shipped on a  CD- Rom, and updates were constantly needed to keep the software secure and in running condition. With cloud computing, vendors can deliver services or software through the medium of the internet without the need of media or installation. When internet emerged, it was found out that large chunks of data could be transferred in a minimum span of time. This does not just made the process of web pages simple, but also offered the gamut of systems online. In the event of cloud computing, Internet servers can be used for processing along with data storage, whereas the client can use the data.
The system of the client could be a laptop, a desktop and cloud computing provides an opportunity for the client to be thin in stature. So what is this thin client? It is a computing device having less amount of computing power. The clients can be software or hardware based, and typical examples in this regard are refrigerator terminal or any form of browser terminal.
Cloud Computing
Cloud and having an idea about it?
You might be wondering from where the term cloud came into the picture. When computer networks are designed, engineers are known to connect computer systems with the help of lines. These represent connections or cables. Servers or switches are connected in the same manner to each other.
When networks are connected to each other, an abbreviation used by the engineers is referred to as a cloud. Cloud can represent a network that we are not aware, a network that provides connectivity in its own manner or perhaps an area of connectivity that we might be not even aware. In the short area from this area, the external area could be drawn as a cloud.
In the modern era, many services could be described as cloud services. The Internet as a network provides companies along with parties many inexpensive options to own their own line of services.
The advantages of cloud computing:
The major advantage of cloud computing is the simplicity aspect. To use a cloud based back all one needs is to install a cloud-based program and starting using it. Earlier you needed to install software; it needed to be connected to external hard drives, they need to be secured physically and duplicates needed to be taken so that the risk of damages is avoided. In the present day, all the features mentioned above are performed by an external company, and all as a professional you need to do is to be connected to the internet. The process is the same as saving your documents in a drop box or sharing it through my cloud
Cloud Computing
Another important advantage of cloud computing is the initial costs involved. For a small payment of a subscription, you get an opportunity to enjoy an enterprise level of planning. So the upfront costs are avoided.
The future of cloud computing:
There is also huge hype around the cloud along with a wealth of charter with more and more startups opting the public route. In fact separating the hype from the reality is a difficult task altogether. The prediction is by the end of the fiscal year 2016, a quarter of the applications (somewhere in the region of 48 million) will be available on the cloud. In a way, the cloud is there for everyone to use and the pace of it is accelerating day by day.