Best Off Page SEO Strategies

Effective Off-Page SEO Techniques to Get to the Top

Effective Off-Page SEO Techniques to get to the top

SEO is the most serpentine and bewildering part of the world of Information technology and software services. Till a few years back, people had very little or scant idea about SEO and its power in the digital world. But now, people are understanding SEO and using it to make their presence felt.

Search engine optimization can be categorized into two basic types – On-page and Off-page optimization. On-page optimization usually comprises of website elements like web pages, HTML code, textual content, and images. On the other hand, Off-page optimization mainly deals with the techniques to get backlinks or traffic to your website.

Though on-page SEO is the primary or rudimentary step, with ever increasing competition to get to the top robust off-page SEO strategy has become critical. Effective off-page SEO strategies play a cardinal role in pushing website rankings to the top positions in a search engine result page (SERP). In this article, we will discuss some effective off-page SEO strategies that an enterprise should apply for the betterment of their website ranking.
Off-page SEO strategies:

 Effective Off-Page SEO Techniques


  • Inbound linking: It is true that search engine ratings heavily depend on backlinks. If we have more web pages back linking our website, then SEO rankings would improve. For off-page SEO, the recommended technique is to connect links with the targeted keywords as anchor text. This will help search engines algorithm’s to identify and recognize the web pages and to know for which keywords they should be ranked.

The quality of backlinks also plays a major role in search engine rankings. Good quality backlinks will certainly uplift the rankings as compared to those links which are inferior.

The speed at which the website is building links is also another important factor which is taken into consideration while determining search engine rankings.


  • Choosing the right SMF – Choosing the right social media platform is of utmost importance while defining your SMM strategy. This solely depends on the nature of the business. For example, LinkedIn is very important for a B2B business, but Instagram and Facebook are more important for a B2C business.



  • Networking on different social media sites: Engaging more and more people on your social media platforms is the best way to make your presence felt. This not only helps in backlinks but positive engagement also creates a brand value.Effective Off-Page SEO Techniques

Top-notch companies and leaders are tethering the power of social media by being active on multiple social media platforms. Besides added online visibility, interactions with existing and prospective customers strengthen the customer relationship and improves customer satisfaction.


  • Sign up with forums: An admired and respected member of a forum can easily recommend a website or a product and drive traffic to that web page within a short interval. However, the biggest challenge in this method is becoming a trustworthy member. And for doing this, we need to post a lot of cogent and useful posts which engages the audience and gets appreciated. Participating in discussions is also very important to make your presence felt.


  • Take advantage from Blogging: These days almost every website consists of a blog. However, we need to incorporate some blogrolls, videos, audios, games, quizzes, latest news, etc. with our blog to make it more interesting and engaging. Apart from that, we also need to post some compelling and enthralling guest comments on other blogs. When more people show their inclination towards the blog posts, it will automatically increase the volume of inbound links.



  • Use article directories: Article directories are always considered as the library of information. We need to establish our authority on a particular subject by submitting our articles to these directories and driving the traffic back to our websites.


  • PR’s and email marketing – Press releases are very important to get the perfect launch. Email marketing is of 2 types – Promotional (Latest discounts, products available on your website) and non-promotional (The details/link of the new blog you have published, greetings etc.). There should be a balance between the two of them to get it right.


All of the above-mentioned methods need some arduous effort and dedication to make them work well. Moreover, these strategies will not be effective unless we have a well-defined strategy.