Effective Use of Analytics in Social Media Marketing

    Effective use of analytics in social media marketing

In the modern era, Business Marketing is rapidly moving from the traditional ways of marketing in print media towards the new way of Social Media marketing.

Social media marketing is an eco-friendly and cost friendly way of marketing. Strategically speaking, it reaches vast number of people and allows users and organization’s to interact personally with one another which leads to gaining the interest of consumers in the products or services offered.

Since social media marketing comes with low costs, but that doesn’t mean that tasks related to your advertising will be done easily with no infusion of hard-work. Since many tricks, metrics and analysis are needed to be applied to yield higher returns.

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Before moving further, let’s understand the problems which you may face while marketing in social media platforms


  • Since there are many platforms available which make it almost impossible to track, manage and review your marketing goals, it is crucial to select the right social media platform and a strategy to review the performance of your digital campaigns.
  • Determining best hours of the day during which promotions are most effective and reaches a large chunk of your target audience.
  • What measures should be adopted to keep your pages updated and interesting? The right customer engagement strategy is crucial to derive the best results.

To overcome the above difficulties and market your product/services in most efficient manner, you need to analyze and then proceed further. There are a variety of analytics tools which can be integrated with your social media platform’s to take decisions in an intelligent and informed way.

How to determine the best time to post on Twitter and Facebook?

Twitter: Since tweets get buried at a very rapid pace, it is imperative to determine when you should post. For this, you can connect your account with Tweroid. The benefit attached is that it analyzes your account and summarizes the best hours when you can tweet. It takes into consideration the time when most followers are active. Tweroid is free for users who are having up to 1000 followers, and if you have more followers or want premium services, then it offers monthly subscription as well.

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Facebook: With Facebook Insights, you can find out when your followers are mostly active on your Facebook page. Modus operandi is

  • Navigate to Facebook Insights dashboard
  • Click Post Tab
  • Choose when your followers are online

You will see a graphical representation which will let you know the peak hours during which you should post so that you can reach maximum people when they are active.

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How to measure click-through rates?

An entrepreneur should surely have a blog or a YouTube Channel marketing the products or service offerings. It is very obvious that while sharing the link on your Facebook or other social media platforms, you would like to know that how many people clicked on the link. To measure, you need to track clicks. With Bilty, you can shorten your links, share links and measure CTR on links. After shortening links from Bilty, click on library so that you can get detailed description on CTR, Geographical location of the click sources and more.

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How to increase social media presence all the time?

A business needs social media presence most of the times so that they can create a personalized connect with the followers and make them feel that they are in touch with the business every hour of the day. This can be best done with an automated rather than a manual approach. To manage social media platform’s effectively, Buffer can be of great help. You can write your posts at your leisure and decide which social profiles you want to post. Buffer will schedule the posts as per your input and you need not be online all the time. It comes with the benefit of shortening links and tracking engagement so that you can know the reach of the post and engagement.

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The Most popular Analytic platforms

Every platform now has integrated analytics which can be used to determine the performance of your social media strategies.

Facebook has its own analytics known as Facebook insights. It is a free tool and has a simple user friendly dashboard. It displays page likes, post reaches and various other engagement metrics. Businesses can drill down to get further insights on demographics etc.

Similarly, Google has Google analytics which is very popular and effective. It is powerful tool which can monetize goals and thus takes a more business centric approach. It takes into account traffic from multiple social media sites.

Similarly, we have Twitter analytics, LinkedIn Analytics and Pinterest Analytics which are very popular and effective.

With huge competition around, it is useless to go on doing something which does not carry any value. Analytics helps you understand all such issues and helps you to take informed decisions.