Get Ready for a Better UX from Facebook for Businesses

  Better UX from Facebook for BusinessesThe internet has become a primary platform for carrying out businesses in the present-day world. Facebook, which is the world’s second most visited website, carries an enormous potential in marketing.  Most of the businesses today have their Facebook business page. Every business desires to pick up potential leads, from a vast pool of data over Facebook.

An introduction to FB’s new UX for businesses.

Seeing the tremendous growth of Facebook as a leading marketing platform, the company has confirmed the rollout of its new-fangled business page that is branded by a cleaner look and feel. The inventiveness of the study gone into this rich user experience design is worth an applause. The new and improved UX will astound you with its easiness, unsullied convenience, oodles of business specific options, abridged noise and boundless customization options. Facebook adds product/service trustworthiness, user openness, collaboration and unbolts the entry of the commerce to a plethora of clients and ideas. And, above all, it increases sales through extremely active product/ service marketing.

  Better UX from Facebook for Businesses

In the newly revamped Facebook UX, tabs are absent and are swapped by a left-hand side navigation. Even the call to action buttons like “learn more”, “shop now” and “sign up” are more protruding than ever before and are now placed at the top right of the page, just below the cover photo. These buttons can also be customized to display the kind of action the companies want their clients to take. For example, watching videos, shopping, booking appointments or knowing more about a product or service. These buttons enable businesses to deviate their customers to specific actions; their clients wish to take.

Facebook has also removed the display ads that were frequently visible on the right-hand side of the pages. Removal of display ads has made it in line with latest mobile updates and has considerably reduced the visual noise making the page more business specific and making it much more akin and effective as a website. The profile picture is moved to the right, so as not to block the cover photo anymore. The dimensions of the cover photo are still the same: 828 X 315 pixels.

As far as usability is concerned, the chief development is the removal of the page tabs. This allows the users to navigate the complete page more proficiently from one section to another.

The latest user experience design nullifies all the issues as it is up to date with the latest software updates, which makes it operative on laptops, pcs and cutting-edge mobile phones.

  Better UX from Facebook for Businesses

Benefits of newly introduced UX of Facebook.

The latest user experience design of Facebook business pages are precisely designed to bring various benefits to businesses:

  • The openness of this UX has led to the enhanced credibility of the businesses.
  • The new UX of Facebook promises a higher target onlooker.
  • The user-centric stances and choices, let the businesses keep their main focus on the punters’ needs.
  • The ease of use and user-friendliness led to a larger number of efficacious customer connections for the businesses.
  • This UX has also amplified the prospects for trade for businesses via a pioneering and satiating user involvement.
  • Facebook being the world’s second most visited website promises a wider exposure of your business among the potential customers.
  • Facebook’s new UX offers a better product/ service marketing than ever before.
  • Products/ services that are offered by businesses thru Facebook are likely to have more influence on the lives of clients.
  • It also has a budding chance to increase the number of happy customers by appealing user involvement.
  • It gives an endless chance for product/ service enhancement.