Google updated algorithm called Pigeon

Google updated algorithm called Pigeon. It was roll out on July 2014 in the U.S and now it has been expanded to the all around the English speaking countries.

This time Google does not have any name neither the version for it, but team named it as “Pigeon”. There is a reason behind this as per the team said on their blog. Since, this update will be focusing more on the local search, and based on the local search the website will be ranked and move up the SEO. The algorithm update will impact local search results with the rankings and local businesses likely to see an increase or decrease in website referrals and search queries.

The initial indication show that we need to try to:

  1. Focus more on the local listings and ranking
  2. Add your business to the Google maps with proper business address
  3. Submit the url to local directory , to get more local exposure