Create Google Adsense Account

How to Create a Google Adsense Account

If you have a blog and have a decent web traffic to your blog then you can make money out of it using Google Adsense Account. Even if you don’t have a blog, its easy to make it, visit a post by me about how to start a blog.

Steps to get Google Adsense Account

First of all you need a Google Account to sign up for Adsense program. It should be an account with ID, which means you can’t get into Google Adsense with custom domain account registered on Google. So, please visit Google Adsense link (Click on the Create Account Link if you don’t have gmail) and click on sign in.

Create a Google Adsense Account

If you Click Create account then you will be prompted with a form to create a gmail account first as shown below.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 4.18.17 PM

If you click Sign in then you will be prompted with the form fields which you need to fill after you successfully login to your google account.

Select your website and language in the following window and click Continue.

Create a Google Adsense Account

Now provide all the details about yourself and click submit button which is at the bottom of this page.

Create a Google Adsense Account

After you have done this Google Adsense team will review your application and within a week or so you will get an email notification about your application status. They will verify the website submitted by you and will also see if you site fulfill the eligibility criterion provided in Google Adsense TOS.

Once your request will be approved by Google Adsense team, you will receive an email from them about the approval. Now you can sign in into Adsense page and start creating ads of different sizes and layouts.

If your AdSense account has been accepted by the team, you have a few jobs left such as inputting tax information of yours, providing your AdSense PIN etc. Once you have completed all these steps, you will be able to be smooth when it comes to managing your Google AdSense account, and receiving your earnings in the convenient format — let it be EFT, checks or wire transfer.

Please see Adsense Alternatives if your adsense account is not approved.