How to make money blogging

Making money online seems to be mystery for some people but in reality people are making money out of their blog. Lot of people don’t believe that money can be generated blogging. It’s not that just setting up blog will make you money. So, you might think of How to make money with a blog? Also you might get confused about if it was so easy then why didn’t all the people do it and make loads of money? The answer is “it is not easy to make money blogging online” Hard dedication and patients are really important if you want to make a money from your blog.

Most of the people start their journey by writing few blog post and wanted big traffic on their article. Traffic to your website is a major factor and many of us don’t get a traffic and get frustrated about it and give up.

If you tell your friends and families that I am going to make a blog and make money blogging for my living. They might not believe you, its hard for them to believe. But, as I said you can start this journey by setting up your own blog and start with few post. This might help you to get some extra money on your pocket.

Infact, why I am telling this is because I was in a situation where I don’t know anything about blogging. And, I started to blog and I am able to generate small amount, though its not huge but this is what I am loving now.

How to make money blogging?

So, if you are really interested to make a blog and make money then you need to be patients and start to work on it.

To make blogs that make money, first you need to have a domain name and web hosting ready where all your blog post will be sittong. I prefer WordPress for making a blog because you can customise it and you can find plenty of plugins for it. Please review my previous post for setting up your blog in WordPress.

After you make your blog ready, start posting quality content rather than quantity. Google is really hungry about the new contents so keep posting on a regular basis. The fresh contents will attract more visitors towards your post.

Try to optimise the on page SEO by using the WordPress plugin, I have used Yoast Plugin which is quite good in-terms of SEO.

money making blogging

Now, next step will be optimising your blog so that you can make some money out of your blog, please remember until you get a good traffic don’t expect to make any money from your blog. So, traffic is very essential.

Google adsense is a easy way to make money, this is not the only option but it will be a starting point. Lets apply for a Google Adsense account if you don’t have Google Adsense account. Use the Google Ads on your blog post. When visitor visits your blog and click on the Google Ads which has been placed on your blog, then you will be rewarded with some incentives. So, this is a easy way to make money but for this you should have good incoming traffic towards your website.

We need to keep updating our blog and try to engage more and more people so we can get huge traffic.

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