How to setup WordPress blog on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is really easy and robust and we can do the WordPress website setup done within 5-10 min times. Here, I will explain how we can do it quickly.

Let’s start by login ( to the Azure portal. After, successfully login to the portal, go to the WEB APPS section, please refer to the following image.

Wordpress Installation on Microsoft Azure

In the image you can see all the websites that has been hosted, at the moment they are stopped but there are list of websites you can see. Once, you finish setup the wordpress website, you can see your website listed here.

So, lets start installing WordPress, please select “+NEW” which is at the bottom left corner of the Azure portal (please see the image above).

As soon as you click the +New button you can see new window comes up, which is as below.

Wordpress website on Microsoft Azure

As shown in the figure above, please select


After clicking FROM GALLERY you will be prompted with new screen with following options. You need to select CMS and the WordPress system from the list. Now, please click the arrow to move forward and it will ask you to select the url of your website and also provide the database details.


You need to enter the URL of your website and create a new MySQL Database for your website. After this, please select the forward arrow and you are almost done.

Wordpress Installation on Microsoft Azure

The Azure will do the WordPress installation on the server and its almost ready.

Finally, go to the browser and type in your URL for eg: and you can see your WordPress website ready.

Now, you can play around with your website themes and start uploading all the plugins or themes or the content.