What is IAAS (Infrastructure as a service)

Why is IAAS the future for most business houses?

The last thing that a CEO of an organization may think is how an infrastructure can respond to competitive pressures and the need for innovation. A timely solution, in this regard, is IAAS. The IAAS here refers as the infrastructure as a service. The benefits are immense as it can reduce costs, improve flexibility with scalability, and help the product or service to reach the market quickly along with higher levels of security as well as compliance.


Savings in Cost:

One of the most discussed benefits of moving to the IAAS model is the low infrastructure costs. No longer an organization has the responsibility of upkeeping time, maintaining network equipment, hardware or replacement of the old equipment. It also aids an enterprise from having to buy more capacity in dealing with sudden business spikes that emerge once in a while. Small organizations require a small IT department most of the time. When you adopt the pay as you go model considerable savings on the cost front are made. For an organization, fixed monthly expenses are avoided as they do not have to pay for the service that they do not use.

Faster Time in Reaching the Market:

As all of us are aware competition is rampant in every sector. If you analyze carefully time to market is one of the best ways to beat the competition. As IaaS provides scalability along with elasticity. Organizations can speed up the process, and the job can be done quickly. It means the product or service reaches end user in a shorter span of time.

Flexibility and Scalability:


One of the major positives of IAAS is the ability to scale up and down, in a shorter time frame considering the needs of the business. A fact mentioning that most IAAS providers have powerful servers along with networking technology, where the needs of the customers are kept on the forefront. This scalability on demand along with great agility is a blessing to the business houses to keep themselves abreast with the changing needs and requirements in the market. From the building and dismantling test as well as development requirements this is a major help. So the business house benefits lot forms agility along with increased speed.

Support for BC, DC along with high availability:

No way denying the fact that every organization has a disaster recovery plan, but the cost of those plans is something that you can hardly imaginable. In a case of companies with multi locations, they often have disaster recovery, along with business continuity plans and procedures making it beyond the scope of the management. With the help of IAAS, there is a coordinated recovery infrastructure, it enhances the managerial aspect and not forgetting the reduction on the cost front. In hindsight, if you have IAAS a well-crafted disaster recovery plan can be formulated.

Say if disaster strikes an organization, the employees can access it in the same manner as they are continuing to do so with the help of internet. All the things that are normal for an organization to function come under the preview of it, are its web servers, emails along with critical applications. Eventually, the result is a quick recovery of data within the minimum time frame.

Onus on growth of business:

Energy, money and time are spent in taking decisions relating to technology, and efficient staff needs to be hired, so as to maintain technology infrastructure for the business to grow. When you move the infrastructure to a service based model, from an organizational point of view they can focus their time and resources that need attention the most. The focus is on innovations, in solutions as well as applications.