How to make a blog using wordpress

How to make a blog using wordpress?

Now a days everybody have their own blog online, they are expressing their views on certain topic. And, good thing about this is they are making passive money by monetising their blog (I will explain how to monetize the blog in next post).Do you want to make such a blog using wordpress in few min? If yes, please follow the below steps.

i. Buy Domain name and hosting package

There are several companies providing cheap hosting and domain name for your blog. You can get domain in $1 from goDaddy also their hosting supports the wordpress as well.

ii. Setup wordpress on your hosting

After you bought domain and hosting, now it is the time for wordpress installation. First, download wordpress from, on your computer. Upload, wordpress which you downloaded to your blog server.

Now, its time to create a database, goto cPanel of the server. There you can see “PhpMyAdmin” select it and create database. Please remember the database name, we need to define this while we do the final installation of wordpress.

iii. Final configuration

Open your browser, type your domain name e.g. You can see the final installation screen on your browser. If this is error on the screen and can’t see the final steps of installation then there is something wrong so go to previous step and check if there is something wrong.

Follow the steps shown on the screen and you got your blog ready finally.

iv. Post your first blog

Good news, your first ever blog is ready. To post your first blog article, open your browser and goto the admin area such as Now, type your admin details and you are in the admin area. Select the post in the left side of screen and select “add post”. Write about the content of the post and publish it, and your first ever blog post is ready.