Make money by Affiliate Marketing

Make money by Affiliate Marketing

Make money by Affiliate MarketingYou can become a affiliate marketer for any services online and start making money if the people you referred bought the services such as web hosting.

Here i will be showing you how I make money by referring the web hosting services to bluehost company.

The very first step will be making an affiliate account with Bluehost, so visit the website and signup for affiliation account. Please fill all the details carefully also the mode of payment need to be filled properly here. I prefer paypal to receive your money once you make any sale. After you create successful account with Bluehost, you became one step closer to your goal.

Login into the bluehost affiliation cpanel using your login details. Once you are logged in to the member area, you can see the images and links. If you have website then copy and paste those links, on your website the image with link will be displayed. Else, you can simply send the http link in your email to your client or friend who needs web hosting.

As soon as some sale happens you will get email notification from bluehost saying you make a sale and you will be receive money in your nominated account. At the moment Bluehost pays U$65 per signup.

This is not a easy to get money by doing this but its worth to try and make some money online. You need to be really patient about it, thats what I thought in my personal experience. Initially, I was tired of trying to make money online but this is how it works. But I have realised that making money online is not an easy task, need to work on it which is what I am doing in my own slow pace.