What is PaaS (Platform as a service)

PAAS – an efficient tool to manage applications in the cloud

The general notion is when you try to run an application in the cloud; you will have to spend hours on downloading, installation and configuration of the same. Not only it is a time-consuming affair, but it is also a pain to you who have to spend time behind efforts on the innovative aspect of it.

But things have turned for the better! Rather than doing all the steps mentioned above, how about going to a simple user interface, clicking on a few options, an application is automatically deployed. Yes, indeed, we are talking about PAAS.


Definition of PAAS:

It stands for the platform as a service. There are three components known as parts of PAAS. The stack is the layer of software that your application runs on. At a given point of time, PAAS may offer several combinations of stacks for different frameworks or languages. In a way, the stack goes on to become a part of your application. The second component of PAAS is the deployment machinery and it operates when you click on the deploy button. This machinery is a combination of codes and can be considered as a code itself. The third component is the user interface along with the user experience in an overall context.

To choose the right PAAS needs a basic understanding of the needs and goals. It is indeed important, as the choice of the correct one makes a considerable amount of difference to your business

Using PAAS instead of doing it yourself:

No matter whatever stage your business is in or your area of business, PAAS can help you with regards to innovation. The customer base increases and the capacity of the business to expand are highlighted. A few examples of how PAAS can be beneficial to a business house


Speedy Innovation:

First and foremost, when you use PAAS, it enhances your ability. The web is growing at the rates of knots. To keep pace with it, one needs to transform new ideas into applications quickly.

Focus on resources:

The overhead is considerably reduced and manage applications in no way means that you will do things at a faster pace. In a way, it means there is no need to do certain things. It also means that you need not know how to do it as well. In short, it allows you to do things that help you differentiate your business.

Saves money:

With the application of PAAS, you are tapping into the real economy of scale. The deployment of resources and overhead burden are considerably reduced with the module of PAAS.

The best of technology:

The benefit of economies of technology does not end with availing the same thing at lesser money. Eventually what you get is something better and that too for less money. Typical PaaS specialists constantly fine tune and optimize the load.

As already mentioned that getting the best stack means availing one with all the latest features. Along with it, there is deployment mechanism and an efficient user interface is the need of the hour for effective business.

Scale easily:

You can get the best of technology, in the best price for a given size of business. It is another matter of fact that it can help continuously to achieve the sizes as and when the business prospers.


With PAAS module, the security is enhanced. With diverse security threats and increase in volume, to protect yourself from threats it is best to rely on specialists.

Once it is decided to adopt a PAAS model, the next question that may come up to your mind is which the exact service provider you need to choose.