Gesture Recognition Technology

Gesture recognition technology: A new era of the device control

There are a number of times when the word gesture control is heard these days. Many people wonder about this technology and ask what gesture recognition technology is. It is seen as a medium for computers to understand the body language of human beings. A bridge is created between humans and machines, (in a way like the graphical user interface) that will limit the majority of the inputs to mouse and keyboard. One can use the concept of gesture recognition and point to the computer screen and then the cursor will move accordingly. It can be used as per various combinations with other techniques like image processing and computer vision. In short, it enables human beings to interface with machines and natural interaction is possible, without the aid of any mechanical devices.

Gesture Recognition Technology

Gesture recognition is a mathematical interpretation of human motions, with the aid of a computing device. It is a part of perceptual user interface, and its components are voice recognition, lip or face recognition. Gestures can emerge from any state or body as well as face emotions. But it is observed that they mainly originate from the hands and the face. In present times gesture recognition is mainly centered around the hand and facial movement recognition. In the case of gesture recognition, body gestures are read by a camera, and then the captured data is sent to a computer. This data is later used by the computer to handle devices or applications. In a way, gesture recognition can be termed as gesture control as well.

Gesture Recognition Technology

Through gesture recognition, computers can understand human language in a better way. A better link between humans and machines is established rather than the basic graphical user interface or text user interfaces. All these old-fashioned methods, limit all the inputs to the mouse and the keyboard. With the help of gesture recognition, human-machine interactions, is interpreted with the help of a mechanical device. The benefits offered by this method will make standard devices like keyboard or the mouse a thing of the past.

The prime motive of gesture recognition research is to develop a system, which can identify gestures and use them for control or convey information. To understand what gestures are, one needs to understand the biological and social aspect of it.

Social and biological definition of gestures

When you consider gestures from the social and biological point of view, you will feel that gestures are loosely defined. People use a host of gestures to communicate and it is used for everything like to point the finger at a person or to convey information. From the biological point of view gestures means to embrace all kinds of situations where an individual engages in movements to communicate.


·         Basic gesture or input device is the tablet of word processing

·          Two-dimensional hand gestures are sent via this system( an input device is connected to the memory of the computer, and it will appear on the monitor of the screen)

·         Symbolic gestures are then identified as editing commands with the help of geometric modeling techniques.

·         Execution of commands, and modification of documents stored in the memory of the computer.

In the domain of personal computing, gestures are often used for input commands. When you understand gestures as inputs, it allows the computers to be accessible by physically handicapped people. In addition, there are technical glitches relating to the implementation of gesture recognition technology; some social challenges are also presented. Gestures are intuitive, simple and accepted on a universal level.

In the overall context, the gesture recognition tool limits our over-reliance on machines, and a liaison is created between machines and human beings. The advantages of it are immense, and the future looks bright as well.

Data Mining

Data Mining: The best option for Data process
There are numerous advantages of data mining, but to understand them fully you need to know the definition of it in the first place. Data mining can be classified in the bracket of the complex to basic. Each technique has a special goal or purpose in mind. The meaning of data mining is easy, and to have a concise idea of it, you need to separate the words and understand it in a better manner. Data means some form of information, and mining is digging deep into the data to derive some form of meaningful information.
data mining
In short, through data mining an organization is in a position to analyze large chunks of data, to detect common spheres or pick up new facets. Any data cannot be processed without automation. A few approaches relating to data mining are illustrated below:
·         Cluster detection– Pattern detection that detects patterns among large sets of data. A large amount of information is arranged in such a manner into areas using patterns that stem out of the process of data analysis.
·         Regression– It is known to predict future outcomes, where large variables are put into use. Customer retention, property prices, and future management are some areas where this concept is used.
·         Anomaly detection– Any gray areas in data are found by this method. It finds its use in various areas such as forensic patterns or anomalies in weather patterns.
The use of data mining is not restricted to a single sphere of activity. The method you choose is dependent on the goal you want to achieve, and it is not necessary that a single technique may cover each and every topic in the picture.

data mining 2

Benefits of data mining:
The benefits of data mining are not restricted to a single area. Some of the areas it derives maximum benefits are as follows:
·         In marketing or finance, with the help of data mining risk models are evolved for mortgages and loans. To reduce fraudulent transactions, it is very beneficial.
·         In marketing, data mining is used to target a particular advertisement campaign, improve conversions and enhance the level of customer satisfaction. For new product lines, ideas can emerge, and it can also be used for analyzing the needs of the market.
·         In the area of manufacturing, data mining is used to enhance product safety, reliability along with comfort.
·         Data mining techniques are used by tax governing bodies, to single out suspicious returns relating to tax, pointing out fraudulent transactions or any form of business documents.
·         Retail stores use data mining techniques to plan the layout of their stores to increase profits and provide the customers better customer experience.
Why is data mining important for the business?
The purpose of developing data mining was to help business people use data for making useful discoveries, without the aid of a statistician. If you have good tools at your disposal, data mining is easier than the other traditional data collection methods. The results of them are not supported by any form of statistical theories, but data mining needs field testing. One needs to understand that data mining does not do anything extraordinary when you compare with other data analysis method. It is just that the process is faster.
In a nutshell, any line, method or technique relating to data mining brings to the fore some form of creativity.  After analyzing the definition along with the benefits of data mining, you can understand the characteristics and the areas where data mining can be put to effective use. There are no doubts pertaining to the feasibility aspect of it.

Data Center Cooling Infrastructure

Interesting facts about data center cooling
The computer is probably most common device these days that is used in a number of offices as well as homes. There are also many facts associated with this revolutionary system that one needs to know in modern days. The system is used for filling, processing and storing different sorts of data. Cooling is an integral component of data center cooling, and a number of steps are advocated to maintain the necessary temperature in facilitating the running of your electronic equipment. At this moment a few overviews are suggested which will help you determine what the best route for your data center is.
Waste product- Heat
IT products consume a lot of electricity and leave behind heat as the waste product. As the data center happens to be an enclosed facility, if not provided an outlet this heat will damage electronic devices. Thus, you need to remove heat from your devices, and this is only possible by cooling. One of the problems faced is that removing something (even heat) requires energy. Besides infrastructure, it involves a cost in terms of operational and capital expenses. Though free cooling is not free as the name suggests, fewer infrastructure and less energy are required when you compare it to the traditional cooling methods.
data center cooling
Heat removal:
So what are the basic options for removing heat? The main aim of cooling is to remove heat from an internal environment, take it to outside, and in this process create a conducive environment for proper functioning. Two essential options are there in removing heat, by air or liquid. The major benefit of air cooling is that air is available everywhere. IT equipment is not hurt as one does not need to move it. On the other hand, liquid cooling can provide targeted cooling along with efficiency and effectiveness is increased. For example, it is possible to deliver chilled water on to a server rack, but liquid operated systems have some difficulties as well. Any form of liquid leaks is a threat to IT equipment, and transport of chilled water may shoot up the transportation costs. Because of the above reasons, liquid cooling is more costly than air cooling. But in the case of high-density applications, liquid cooling might be the only viable option.
Air cooling and liquid cooling designs:
Data center cooling
Air cooling depends on use of computer air conditioning systems in converting warm air to cold air. It is available in a host of configurations, and their prime objective is to cool the room. To enhance the efficiency aspect, some designs provide hot and cold outlets to separate warm and cold air.
On the other hand, liquid cooling possesses greater budgetary and technical challenges. As it is an effective medium, it makes a necessity for high-end applications. The liquid is then transported to the data center, which is then directed to the room handler. As already stressed upon time and again, liquid cooling requires a lot of infrastructures. This is pertaining to the lines which carry the liquid and then possibly on to the racks.
Free cooling:
Also referred as water side or air side economization it is a known form of cooling, which has a tab on running compressors or chillers associated with traditional cooling approaches. With this form of cooling the infrastructure is not tampered, but it is put to minimum use.
It involves opening the mouth of the data centers and by this method, fresh air is used from outside to cool the equipment. Some difficulties are faced in this process like humidity variations.
The correct decision of a facility is dependent on a host of factors such as power density, cost aspect and so on. For high-density implementations, air cooling is a viable choice, and in the case of low budget implementations, air cooling with economization on air side is a better choice. Regardless of your budget considerations, air cooling will benefit you in the long run.

Cloud Computing

Knowledge of cloud computing in a single click?
Here, we will look at cloud computing; that is a domain of computer technology through internet providing computer services. In the modern era, the data storage has been a big issue, and cloud computing is the best answer to it.
Cloud computing is providing technology to the customer. In the earlier days, the software had to be shipped on a  CD- Rom, and updates were constantly needed to keep the software secure and in running condition. With cloud computing, vendors can deliver services or software through the medium of the internet without the need of media or installation. When internet emerged, it was found out that large chunks of data could be transferred in a minimum span of time. This does not just made the process of web pages simple, but also offered the gamut of systems online. In the event of cloud computing, Internet servers can be used for processing along with data storage, whereas the client can use the data.
The system of the client could be a laptop, a desktop and cloud computing provides an opportunity for the client to be thin in stature. So what is this thin client? It is a computing device having less amount of computing power. The clients can be software or hardware based, and typical examples in this regard are refrigerator terminal or any form of browser terminal.
Cloud Computing
Cloud and having an idea about it?
You might be wondering from where the term cloud came into the picture. When computer networks are designed, engineers are known to connect computer systems with the help of lines. These represent connections or cables. Servers or switches are connected in the same manner to each other.
When networks are connected to each other, an abbreviation used by the engineers is referred to as a cloud. Cloud can represent a network that we are not aware, a network that provides connectivity in its own manner or perhaps an area of connectivity that we might be not even aware. In the short area from this area, the external area could be drawn as a cloud.
In the modern era, many services could be described as cloud services. The Internet as a network provides companies along with parties many inexpensive options to own their own line of services.
The advantages of cloud computing:
The major advantage of cloud computing is the simplicity aspect. To use a cloud based back all one needs is to install a cloud-based program and starting using it. Earlier you needed to install software; it needed to be connected to external hard drives, they need to be secured physically and duplicates needed to be taken so that the risk of damages is avoided. In the present day, all the features mentioned above are performed by an external company, and all as a professional you need to do is to be connected to the internet. The process is the same as saving your documents in a drop box or sharing it through my cloud
Cloud Computing
Another important advantage of cloud computing is the initial costs involved. For a small payment of a subscription, you get an opportunity to enjoy an enterprise level of planning. So the upfront costs are avoided.
The future of cloud computing:
There is also huge hype around the cloud along with a wealth of charter with more and more startups opting the public route. In fact separating the hype from the reality is a difficult task altogether. The prediction is by the end of the fiscal year 2016, a quarter of the applications (somewhere in the region of 48 million) will be available on the cloud. In a way, the cloud is there for everyone to use and the pace of it is accelerating day by day.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence: The technology at its best
Artificial intelligence is designing machines in such a manner that they possess the ability to think. In short, you can refer it as the intelligence of machines. The discussions about  Artificial intelligence have gained a lot of momentum in the last few years. Now the question one needs to understand is whether it is a boon or bane for the future of human existence and that is still a scope of debate. The main idea for the creation of Artificial Intelligence is to make lives easier for human beings. Researchers of artificial intelligence want the emotional quotient of the machines to be at par with those human beings.
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is complex in nature and a complicated mixture of mathematics, computer science. The major advantage of artificial intelligence is it reciprocates the actions and decisions of humans eradicating the shortcomings of humans, such as fatigue, limited time and emotion. Machines that are driven by Artificial intelligence are able to perform repeated and consistent actions without being tired. From the company’s perspective, consistent performance across multiple AI machines are achieved when one compares the same with multiple human workers. Let us now list the major advantages of artificial intelligence as follows
Reducing errors:
With the help of artificial intelligence chances of error are less, and accurate results with more precision can be achieved. It is applied in various areas of study such as the exploration of space. Robots are fed with information and send to space. As they are a machine with metal bodies, they possess the greater capacity, to encounter the hostile atmosphere of the space. They are created in such a manner that they can survive the hostile environment in the best possible manner.
Artificial Intelligence
Repetitive jobs:
Monotonous jobs they are repetitive in nature can be carried with the help of machines. Machines work faster than human beings and can multitask. It can be employed to carry out dangerous tasks, and the parameters can be adjusted that is not possible as the case with human beings. Time and speed are calculation based parameters, and example of artificial intelligence that comes to our mind is gaming.
Digital assistants:
High-end organizations rely on the use of digital assistants that reduce the reliance on human resources. Emotions are hand in glove with human moods that can have an impact on efficiency and cloud judgement. Whereas in the case of machines that is not possible at all.
Medical applications:
In the domain of medical, we also come across the use of artificial intelligence. The health of patients and the risks associated with them can be studied with the help of AI. Education is provided with regards to side effects of various medicines. Radiosurgery is a common area of ground with artificial intelligence.
Less breaks:
It is a human tendency to take breaks and refreshments every now and then. But that is not the case with machines as when programmed the same task can be performed over and over again. There is no form of boredom involved.
Having illustrated the positives of artificial intelligence, there are some loopholes associated with it also. As they are complex machines, the initial cost of setting up of the same is a difficult task. To meet the needs of the changing environment of the business software programs needs constant updates. Whatever one says intelligence is a man made a gift, and it cannot be replaced by machines. Machines have no form of motions and perform the task assigned to them. They cannot justify whether it is right or wrong. So artificial intelligence needs to be used after a lot of thought. There are many avenues when one needs to decide on the basis of an individual requirement, but with artificial intelligence, one cannot expect it.

The Best ERP Tools Available in Market

What are the top ERP tools available in the market?
When it comes to the question of ERP, each organization has unique requirements that set them apart. Say some companies need control over customer management, manufacturing or inventory. Whereas for the others, the onus may be on reporting or data access. Though most business houses have various priorities, these are common areas where they have the same opinion.  Best ERP Tools

360-degree view of the customer:
What does the customer normally buy? Why all of a sudden he has stopped buying? What is their preferred mode of placing their orders? The above information is useful to the companies, in understanding the customers better and the ERP module aids integration to anticipate the needs of the customers.
Reporting and Insight:
One of the biggest advantages of ERP systems is that they can synchronize a variety of information from various departments, and compile them into a report that will provide an insight and lead to better business decisions. But providing this insight is not an easy task, as the applications are not integrated or do not have the necessary speed to accomplish the task. So an ERP system should be integrated across all the applications that are necessary to give real-time access to the data business needs
Analysis of profit:
All business houses have profit in mind and an efficient ERP system will point in that direction for sure. It is not just at the level of business but at the level of items that one carries and sells. With the help of profit analysis, one can analyze the cost of products, cost of items that the customers buy along with the cost associated to acquire the customers. Important decisions regarding the product lines can be taken and which area of the customer segment you should focus on.
Here are some of the top ERP tools available in the market:-

The Best ERP Tools Available in Market
It is the leader among the ERP stream, with the most installed by any vendor, and holds 23 % of market share. In the areas of reporting and inventory management, it has excellent capabilities, but it is not so strong in the area of customer relationship management.
It is right behind SAP with 16 % of market share. Its areas of strength are CRM where SAP lacks, though its main area of strength is human capital management, reporting, analysis and financial management. On the flip side, it lacks the reputation of SAP.
Microsoft dynamics:
This beautiful program has 9% of market share and derives a great deal of strength on the reputation of companies it builds upon. The areas of strength are multi-currency, ease of use and data tracking. Though it is another matter of fact that it is not renowned for its inventory capabilities.
It is an ERP product fully suited with areas of strength centered on the distribution and manufacturing areas of the business.  The not so powerful areas are CRM and when it comes to the all-around view of the customer. Another complaint that has been launched against it is the processing speed.
In this ERP module, the focus is more on the manufacturing aspect. The major weakness is that it is not a full proof ERP module as certain areas like inventory management are totally neglected. Other weaknesses include the reporting along with the customer review.
These are some of the top ERP tools available in the market and appreciated by the market experts also. Every organization is looking to make an investment in ERP should consider the pros and cons of implementing it. It is also dependant on the areas where you feel your business needs more attention. Depending on the limitations of various ERP’s there are also many organizations coming up with new and more effective solutions that can help the organsiations in a better and more efficient manner.

What is internet of things(IOT)

Internet of things: A technological advancement to rely upon
In the 20th century, lots of inventions and discoveries happened which impacted the human race like never before. One of the most significant invention was international network commonly referred as the Internet. In the past decade, the internet has become a household name. This paved the way for many e-commerce businesses and other technological advancements. With the development of technology and introduction of gadgets to comfort human life, many companies entered the competitive market. Internet of things is all about comfort and relaxation of human life.

 internet of things IOT

What is Internet of things?
The core idea of Internet of things is to create a society where everything is smart and connected to the Internet. It is used particularly to design and define the intellect of several dumb devices and make it work for something really important. For an instance, we can say that a tube light and a fan can talk with each other in some kind of language. This is a sort of co-ordination among-st several types of equipment. Consider an automatic light and fan in the bedroom. The light and fan are connected to the internet and hence the light will be adjusting its luminosity according to the natural light available. Similarly, the fan is regulated by monitoring the temperature.
 internet of things IOT
Achieving the sort of co-ordination in the example mentioned above requires the use of several sensors and smart equipment. Also, whatever actions are being performed by the equipment need to be informed to the human operator. Now the question arises, how can a device inform a human being? One can simply reply that imagine a dustbin informing the municipal corporation about picking up the garbage and emptying it up. What one is required to do is set a weighing limit to the dustbin. Once the weight exceeds the preset limit, the controller in the dustbin senses it. With the sensing of the controller, it sends a signal to the human operated computer regarding exceeding weight and voila, a machine talks with a human and collaboratively solves a problem.

 internet of things IOT
What do we presently get?
As of now we can say that Internet of things is in its nascent phase. But there are some consumer devices which are available and significant to use. There are some well-known IoT devices and a classic example is the Philips Hue lighting system. There are many other devices like smart camera, electronic locks, temperature and humidity sensors which use the concept of IoT. There are even smart mechanical valves which are used in boilers. Recently, a new product awestruck the market. It was a smart shower. When a person enters the shower, it senses the body and water is sprinkled. Not only that, a music system is available in-built with the shower. Hence, a person can enjoy the music of his or her choice.

 internet of things IOT

What can be done with IoT devices?
Well, IoT devices are classified into two categories: dedicated consumer device and DIY automation device. Smart devices like thermostats, weighing scales, sleep helping gadgets are available easily at local retail stores. Some devices which require a lot of interconnection are hard to get and even harder to manufacture. An IoT device works basically with the help of sync service. Smaller the time required to sync, more accurate is the outcome. Some modern smart devices employ Zigbee and Fuzzy logic control. When using the device, it seems pretty much easier, but while setting its logic function, it’s definitely complex. Many multinational companies are trying to provide better IoT devices, but all are working in different directions. A unified approach can provide the consumer with the best type of service and the easiest way of operation.
Zigbee, Fuzzy, Arduino and several other logics are employed in the form of several languages to provide the consumer with the better service. Presently, washing machines are available in which one doesn’t need to put clothes into the soaking compartment. In such type of machine Fuzzy logic becomes handy and it is programmed to blow the hot air right after the motor stops rotating.
Hence there is a lot more to know and achieve with Internet of Things, but eventually, every good thing takes time.

Best Hotel WordPress Themes 2016

Best Hotel WordPress Themes 2016
With the advent of time, internet has become a part a parcel of our life. It has made our world well-connected, and everything is just a click away. In present times, it is mandatory to have an online presence. A website is a great way to connect with your prospective clients. It works as a gateway to your brand. In these tough times of cut-throat competition, it is quintessential to reach your clients with an effective online presence and create a brand image.
Since it is the first introduction of your brand to the client, it needs to be highly attractive. It not only pleases the navigator but leaves a great first impression. For a website, the user interface needs to be brilliant.
WordPress is a very popular and convenient Content Management System which can be used to design an attractive website. Be it a simple blog or a diverse website, WordPress serves it all. The WordPress themes not only beautify the website but also enhance its features and functions.
Hotel Industry tops the list of the most searched industries online. It is mandatory for them to have user-friendly as well as an engaging website which attracts the guests. Here is a list of some of the best Hotel WordPress Themes 2016 which can benefit greatly.

Best Hotel WordPress Themes

Hoteliour is one of the most effective themes for a hotel website which enables bookings. The theme is apt for various types of hospitality sectors such as guesthouses, Hotel, Resorts or Inns. With booking system, one can sell rooms straight from the website based on the availability. Everything is automated, and reservation form is connected to the Admin panel. One of the most discussed features in a template is multilingual, and Hotelier is equipped with the same. The template gets regularly updated with technical support.

– Holiday

Best Hotel WordPress Themes
Holiday is a professional WordPress theme which is used for creating a website for a Hotel with customized booking. Various accommodations can be used with Holiday such as Motel, Inn or Hotel. You can also use filters to categorize the rooms available with you which will offer a pleasant experience to the guests. There are many options for a customized booking in the form of checkbox, text, radio buttons and email. One of the additional features of the template is that you can create an e-shop which will enable selling of additional products from your website.

Best Hotel WordPress Themes

Soho is one of the most preferred templates for creating a website of a lavish Hotel. It has immense popularity in the luxury Hotel segment. The theme is enabled with modern booking features. The templates are available in 4 different color palettes along with a 19 PSD file. The template is enabled with amazing features of booking in 4 steps, guest occupancy, pricing filters, booking emails and many more. One can try out the live preview and have a look at the amazing results.

– Hotec

Best Hotel WordPress Themes

Hotec is one of the preferred templates for Resorts, Spa, and Hotels. The template is very responsive and is compatible with every web browser and devices. The designing of the layout is very easy with Hotec. Some of the other special features of the theme include unlimited sidebars, more than 500 Google fonts, translations, and colors to name a few. The template gets constantly updated with trendy features.

-Hotel Master

Best Hotel WordPress Themes

It is yet another WordPress theme with room reservation which defines quality. With advanced booking system, one can browse the available rooms. The payment options are mentioned, and one can book through an email also. A business with this template assures great results with great support and frequents updates. For a remarkable online presence, it is the perfect template for you.

Effective Use of Analytics in Social Media Marketing

    Effective use of analytics in social media marketing

In the modern era, Business Marketing is rapidly moving from the traditional ways of marketing in print media towards the new way of Social Media marketing.

Social media marketing is an eco-friendly and cost friendly way of marketing. Strategically speaking, it reaches vast number of people and allows users and organization’s to interact personally with one another which leads to gaining the interest of consumers in the products or services offered.

Since social media marketing comes with low costs, but that doesn’t mean that tasks related to your advertising will be done easily with no infusion of hard-work. Since many tricks, metrics and analysis are needed to be applied to yield higher returns.

 Social Media Marketing FaceBook Social Media Marketing TwitterGoogle Analytics


Before moving further, let’s understand the problems which you may face while marketing in social media platforms


  • Since there are many platforms available which make it almost impossible to track, manage and review your marketing goals, it is crucial to select the right social media platform and a strategy to review the performance of your digital campaigns.
  • Determining best hours of the day during which promotions are most effective and reaches a large chunk of your target audience.
  • What measures should be adopted to keep your pages updated and interesting? The right customer engagement strategy is crucial to derive the best results.

To overcome the above difficulties and market your product/services in most efficient manner, you need to analyze and then proceed further. There are a variety of analytics tools which can be integrated with your social media platform’s to take decisions in an intelligent and informed way.

How to determine the best time to post on Twitter and Facebook?

Twitter: Since tweets get buried at a very rapid pace, it is imperative to determine when you should post. For this, you can connect your account with Tweroid. The benefit attached is that it analyzes your account and summarizes the best hours when you can tweet. It takes into consideration the time when most followers are active. Tweroid is free for users who are having up to 1000 followers, and if you have more followers or want premium services, then it offers monthly subscription as well.

 Social Media Marketing most followers

Facebook: With Facebook Insights, you can find out when your followers are mostly active on your Facebook page. Modus operandi is

  • Navigate to Facebook Insights dashboard
  • Click Post Tab
  • Choose when your followers are online

You will see a graphical representation which will let you know the peak hours during which you should post so that you can reach maximum people when they are active.

 Social Media Marketing

How to measure click-through rates?

An entrepreneur should surely have a blog or a YouTube Channel marketing the products or service offerings. It is very obvious that while sharing the link on your Facebook or other social media platforms, you would like to know that how many people clicked on the link. To measure, you need to track clicks. With Bilty, you can shorten your links, share links and measure CTR on links. After shortening links from Bilty, click on library so that you can get detailed description on CTR, Geographical location of the click sources and more.

Measure Click Throgh Rate graphs

How to increase social media presence all the time?

A business needs social media presence most of the times so that they can create a personalized connect with the followers and make them feel that they are in touch with the business every hour of the day. This can be best done with an automated rather than a manual approach. To manage social media platform’s effectively, Buffer can be of great help. You can write your posts at your leisure and decide which social profiles you want to post. Buffer will schedule the posts as per your input and you need not be online all the time. It comes with the benefit of shortening links and tracking engagement so that you can know the reach of the post and engagement.

 Social Media Marketing


The Most popular Analytic platforms

Every platform now has integrated analytics which can be used to determine the performance of your social media strategies.

Facebook has its own analytics known as Facebook insights. It is a free tool and has a simple user friendly dashboard. It displays page likes, post reaches and various other engagement metrics. Businesses can drill down to get further insights on demographics etc.

Similarly, Google has Google analytics which is very popular and effective. It is powerful tool which can monetize goals and thus takes a more business centric approach. It takes into account traffic from multiple social media sites.

Similarly, we have Twitter analytics, LinkedIn Analytics and Pinterest Analytics which are very popular and effective.

With huge competition around, it is useless to go on doing something which does not carry any value. Analytics helps you understand all such issues and helps you to take informed decisions.




Best Restaurant WordPress Themes 2016

Best WordPress Restaurant Themes 2016 to Develop Receptive Restaurant Websites

With a boom in restaurant business, there exists a stiff competition between various restaurants and eateries. It has become difficult for restaurants to flourish in such a scenario without making their presence felt. Employing effective publicizing tactics is necessary to create a buzz or spreading the word out. In this internet driven world, one of the most efficient way to attract more customers to your restaurant is to create a striking and appealing restaurant website. It helps in endorsing your restaurant as a lot of people check out restaurant websites before visiting the place.

Online presence and branding is a wonderful marketing technique to reach out to the target customers. Using a customized restaurant WordPress theme is a perfect way to develop an attractive and structured new website or to re-design the existing website. These pre-made website prototypes are a bouquet of tremendous features that can be used for marketing your eatery online. In current scenario, your template preference should be reactive and mobile ready, since most of the people visit the website through their handheld device. Restaurant WordPress themes classically consist of theme selections and free plugins allowing to showcase your business in a graceful way. Furthermore, a pre-made website template saves a lot of time and work. Here is a list of some of the best WordPress Restaurant themes promising a vibrant and eye-catching website.

  1. Rosa

Best Restaurant WordPress Themes ROSA

ROSA is an elegant and visually immaculate, skillfully graphically planned and sensibly fashioned WordPress templet. It is also very appealing, alluring, technologically resourceful, flexible, easy to use and modern. ROSA is deliberately created to be a delightfully vibrant theme that is impeccably appropriate for graceful, fashionable restaurants delivering the utmost quality and performance.


Best Restaurant WordPress Themes kallyas

KALLYAS is a trendy, exquisite, well-structured, creative, easy to use and readily approachable WordPress versatile website theme. It is a solid platform to design and create a boundless variety of websites across all industries. It is fortified with influential, innate tools.

  1. X

Best Restaurant WordPress Themes X

X is a robust, flexible, customizable, modern and interactive WordPress Restaurant Theme. X is masterfully crafted to develop the most notable and exciting restaurant websites, with an emphasis on visually-oriented posts. It is embedded with a number of time-saving short codes for your homepage with copious graphics and customization options.

  1. Sage

Best Restaurant WordPress Themes SAGE

Sage is a spectacular, artistically clean and visually accomplished and user and developer friendly, open WordPress food and restaurant website theme. Sage is filled with over 40 diverse, conceptually matchless demo websites.

  1. Resca

Best Restaurant WordPress Themes Resca

Resca is an in-built, lithe, influential WordPress theme. It is primarily designed for restaurant and café websites. Resca makes your chromatic content pop with its Retina ready graphics. It also offers demo versions for restaurants, cafes, and single page websites. It is a responsive theme, and looks incredible across all devices and platforms.

  1. Tavern

Best Restaurant WordPress Themes Tavern

Tavern is an aspiring WordPress theme, which can help you to design an admirable web page. All the elements of this theme are finely altered and developed, for an elegant and beautiful website. Tavern comes in 4 implausible layout demos: Bakery, Default, Italian Cuisine and Raw Vegan. It also integrates finest premium plugins: Visual Composer, Essential Grid and the Revolution Slider. It is also provided with multilingual support, making the content easily translatable.

7.       Hatch

Best Restaurant WordPress Themes Hatch

Hatch is a trendy, friendly, robust, reliable, visually stunning, enticing, easy to use, mobile friendly and responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. It has made a smart use of the latest web development technologies like HTML5 framework, CSS3 stylesheet scripting, hardware-powered Parallax visual effects, Visual Composer page builder, and Revolution Slider and Essential Grid premium plugins.

8.       Lambda

Best Restaurant WordPress Themes Lambda

Lambda is a stylish and a pioneering website template for developing various websites like restaurant, cafeteria, business, personal, corporate, photography and even portfolio. It has a one click demo installer for developing websites. Its smooth and easily customizable framework is developed on the latest Bootstrap 3.3.