Practice for Designing an E-Commerce Website that Yields Dividends

E-Commerce Website

The prime objective of an e-commerce website is to provide an alternative to brick and mortar shops and provide a better shopping experience from the comfort of your couch. There is no doubt that the customer acquisition process starts with a great product, but if you have a powerful website to back it up then it creates a positive experience among buyers. A website that is able to convince and provide a unique experience to your customer is considered as the most useful and impactful.

Focus on value proposition:

Highlighting the value of a website converts casual visitors into potential customers. Visitors can make up their mind within a span of seconds, and the question is how you can showcase something unique that convinces customers instantly. An attractive title or a visual image can be a great idea. But the site should have a differentiating factor which keeps it ahead of competition.

Visual hierarchy to be incorporated:

A website is a visual medium, and when you are competing for a user’s attention, you need to organize content accordingly and convey the right message to the customer. The site must be designed in a way so that it is easy to navigate.

There should be proper images and descriptions of the product. The images should cover multiple angles with zoom in and zoom out options. Also, the quality of the image should be very high to nullify issues such as difference between what you see and what you get.

The descriptions should be in a proper format and cover all aspects of the product in an informative an engaging way.

Simplify navigation:

As many as 94 % of users believe that first impression has to do with simplified navigation and visual appeal. One must remember that it is not at all a rocket science and analyze how you can take your client to a section where he wants to go in the minimum possible time and clicks. Try to reduce the number of clicks it takes for an individual to reach the page he desires and have a simple and smooth navigation of pages.


The visitors can be classified into two categories. Some are aware of what they want, whereas the others are not. The idea is to create an effortless search experience, and the customers should reach the product of their choice in the shortest time frame. As a strategy, you can make the search bar visible. Another important tool would be keyword centered products. It will enable a customer to look for the product which he wants with ease. Search engine optimization, both on-page and off-page is of paramount importance.

E-Commerce Website

Product filters should be installed:

Most of the ecommerce websites sell a wide variety of products. Though it is always a great thing to have options, but customers want the shopping time to reduce. A focused shopper likes to quickly reach to a particular brand or price range where he can go for a focused search. When you add filters, you need to think about the criteria like prices, brands, sizes or materials. One of the most important points to consider here is if the filters are not clearly visible, they will be of no value.

The checkout process should be painless:

An alarming statistic shows that 69 % of customers do not wait for their transactions to finish. Many factors can be attributed to this behavior but on your part, you can make the checkout process as simplified as possible. One option would be to let the shoppers log in as guests rather than registering themselves. This is debatable since the customers would have to enter essential details like address, mobile number etc. every time in order to place an order .Also, personalized deals and services would definitely convince customers to create an account. However, for the segment of customers who still do not wish to register, the idea should be to enable checkout with minimum details and navigation.

Build a trustworthy environment:

The most important aspect is to create a trustworthy environment so that the customers can buy your products with confidence and love to surf the site. This assumes a lot of significance as cybercrimes account for $ 400 billion worth of financial loss yearly.

Also the product you deliver should be of high quality and should match the expectations you set while trying to sell the product. A bad customer experience is sure to hurt your business and devalue your brand name.

So, positive testimonies of customers who have purchased from your website can be of great help. They can be reviews and ratings of specific products or the website as a whole. The ecommerce website should facilitate this process.


The tips mentioned here will be of some help when you design an E-commerce website. You need to keep conversion aspect on top of your agenda. There are so many roadblocks during your purchase that flows along with search. A little bit of a tweak, big or small and all the bottlenecks can be removed. The user experience will increase manifold in the days to come.