Reliance Jio Launches Cheapest 4G Service in India

Breath-taking launch of India’s cheapest 4G services by Reliance Jio

India’s business powerhouse – ‘Reliance Industries’ has once again amazed the nation and the rest of the world with their cheapest 4G service offering.  The service aims to create a digital revolution of unmatched proportion and bring millions of Indians online.

The unmatched popularity and staggering subscriber base just within a few weeks of launch are a testimony of the credibility which Reliance enjoys. The Jio service is offering customers three months of free services. This is when the company is planning to test its network and make it fully operational. Thereafter, It will be followed by free voice calls and cheapest data plans charging somewhere around 50 rupees(Less than $1) per gigabyte of data as claimed by the company.

Jio has already glinted a price war in the Indian telecom market. Ambani’s, who have always amazed the world with their revolutionary business models have yet again come up with an idea which has taken the country by storm. This will create a healthy competition in the lucrative telecom industry and the customer is going to be the ultimate winner.

Reliance Jio  4G

What makes it special?

 Reliance Jio Launches Cheapest 4G Service in India

  • Biggest fiber optic network – Reliance has laid 250,000 Kms. Of high quality fiber optic cable and established a network capable of handling even 5G with ease.
  • The investment – Reliance has invested 150,000 crores for setting up the infrastructure. Jio has been declared as the biggest startup in the world and the investment reflects the vision of the company. This will not only boost the economy but also force other players to invest and upgrade their network.
  • 4G Spectrum in all zones – Jio is the only provider which has won spectrum rights in all the 22 zones of the country.
  • Only 4G – They only offer 4G services and hence have a focused service offering.
  • Call sent as data (VoLTE) – This is a first in the Indian market and specifically designed for 4G technology. They will send calls in the form of data through 4G itself. The experience would be something like a Skype call in much better quality.
  • Ecofriendly towers – Jio has installed 90,000 ecofriendly 4G towers which look like a tree. This has been done with the sole purpose of not damaging the aesthetic appeal of a place with metallic towers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Reliance Jio Launches Cheapest 4G Service in India

Be informed and grab your sim

Reliance Jio services are definitely worth a try. But before you decide to get your own SIM, here are few things you must know:

Reliance Jio Launches Cheapest 4G Service in India

  • To repeat, it is a 4G service, which will not work on older phones, that supports only 3G.
  • Reliance Jio makes use of VoLTE (Voice over LTE) network, a new concept in India. In this process, the calls are made through data. In such a scenario, making Jio to Jio voice calls is not a problem, but making calls to a different service number, require you to install an app known as Jio Join.
  • To grab your Jio SIM from a Jio store, never forget to take your Aadhar card along with you. It will make the process of acquiring the SIM smoother.
  • Jio SIMs are available free of cost. You need not pay any price to any dealer to get your SIM. Even the Jio’s services like data, voice, video and other applications are available free of cost till 31st of December 2016.
  • For students, to avail your extra share of discounts, never miss carrying a valid student Id along with you, when you go to grab your Jio SIM.

Charges after December 31, 2016

From the period of its launch to December 31, 2016, all the services are absolutely free. After December 31, customers will have to pick up a tariff plan. The customers will be charged only for the data. The voice calls to any network throughout the country will be completely free and no roaming charges will be levied. Keeping in mind the benefits of a large spectrum of customers, a total of 10 tariff plans will be introduced initially.

Hurdles on the go

As per many analysts, the coming five years are said to be difficult for Jio, as they offer only 4G services. This means they are still out of the reach of the people with 3G or 2G arrangements.

Speculations are also being made, whether the setup can handle the 40m subscriber base as predicted by Morgan Stanley.