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Spy your competitor’s blog for keyword

No wonder how the website gets a huge web traffic. Are you curious to find out and Spy your competitor’s blog for keyword traffic on your website or blog? There are several tools to identify the keywords which are working for your competitors and you can follow the keywords and content on your blog.

Tools to Spy your competitor’s blog for keyword

I prefer using semrush for identifying the keywords. You can use trial version for testing.

Spy your competitor's blog for keyword

Type in the domain, keyword or URL on the semrush (please refer the above screenshot). For demonstration purpose, I have used url “” and the keywords popular on this blog is displayed on the screen as a result.

Spy your competitor's blog for keyword

The list of keywords are shown in the screenshot below:

compititors keyword research blog for keyword

 Now, it is your responsibility to use the keyword in your blog. You need to start by writing contents around these keywords and it won’t happen all in a night. If you have customise your content fully then you can see the traffic on your blog.

Due to the trial version of semrush there is limitation of daily use and does not allow you to use all of its feature. But this tool is really handy and I recommend to use this if you are really want to get 100% out of it.