Ten Free Tools for Productive Programming

Ten Free Tools for Productive Programming


Freedcamp centralizes the project management functions such as project planning, project organization, and action. Freedcamp facilitates distribution of the project to files and engaging in discussion with the working team of the project. It is an open source utility program for use by people in their area of interest to speed up processes. Freedcamp allows customization procedures carried on it at a cost per add-on such that it is convenient and economical for a firm to only pay for what they need.


The buffer is a utility program for sharing articles on social media platforms without having to know much about the whole process. Content scheduled by the user for sharing without user intervention at different times depending on the time specified. Buffer has a Bookmarklet button for adding specific content to the shared queue with a time specified regardless of the source provided it is online. The ability to store content relieves the user of the burden of having to cram content and reproduce it when the need arises.


IFTTT stands for If This Then That and is a utility program that lets you processes that allow various applications and services to communicate and work together to achieve the intended purpose.  The integration of various applications to work together can facilitate automation of repetitive tasks such as uploading photos and documents to cloud storage facilities.

Google Drive (and Company)

Google Drive is an open source utility program that makes it easy to share and edit a variety of files. Team members can chat and share notes from within a document.

ODesk / ELance

ODesk and ELance are free sites to sign up for interested bloggers then charge a 10% interest per each payment per project from the blogger.


Evernote is a handy and versatile app that can save audio or text notes, organize photos, set reminders, and upload attachments, all synchronized all your supported devices. Evernote has a bookmarklet that allows marking and storing web articles for future reference, a characteristic that fits it for those people who keep changing working devices most often.


HootSuite is near to perfect utility program for managing multiple social media accounts. All your social media activities can be monitored by a central easy to use dashboard. The dashboard lets youmanipulate the content and its viewers on the social media.


Toggl is a utility program designed to work as a tool for time tracking. Toggl works by simple button clicks to control a timer by defining the start time and stopping it when needed.Toggl generates and stores reports on the various time intervals taken in doing given tasks throughout the week.


LastPass is a utility program used to recover forgotten last used passwords on various devices. LastPass stores password in a vault to allow for audits to identify weak passwords and rectify them.


Unroll.Me is a utility program that is used to manage email’s inbox by combining several identical emails into one scannable when the need arises. Unroll.Me is an excellent tool for preventing some emails from entering your mailbox but instead hinder their entry.

W3c Markup Validation Service

W3c Markup Validation Service is a free service from the W3C helps you to check the markup validity of different web documents. The service ensures that the quality of web documents is within the allowed standard for use with the target people.