Top 10 beginner SEO Tips for your website

Basic search engine optimisation (SEO) is fundamental and it is essential. SEO will help you position your website properly to be found at the most critical points in the buying process or when people need your site. So, the question rises What the search engines really looking for? What you can do in a website which will please search engine and also your visitors.

SEO plays a vital role for bringing traffic to the website. Without traffic website cannot perform well. So, here are the “Top 10 beginner SEO Tips for your website

1. Make sure the keyword is present in the domain name. If you have not bought domain name then it will be good idea to look for the domain which has keyword

2. Do some keyword research and try to come up with some nice keyword in your industry. Use your keywords in context and in moderation also into the text, headings, links, image titles and descriptions, description meta tags and keyword meta tags of your web pages.

3. Use <H1><H2> tags for heading of the page

4. Insert image in the post and mention alt=”” description

5. Put all the JavaScript file at the footer section so that website loads faster. Search engine like Google loves fast website.

6. Signup for google analytics and use the analytics code in the website to monitor the traffic in the website.

7. Do W3C validation check using website fix errors I there are any

8. Provide the exact description of the page. If it is about us page then description should be related to about company and only to that specific page.

9. Write quality content rather than quantity. search engine like fresh and unique content

10.Create a sitemap of your website and submit it to the Google. Google will crawl through all the links and index them.

If you have any other tips and ideas please feel free to share by commenting in the comment box.