Top SEO Trends which will Dominate 2016

Top SEO trends which will dominate in 2016

SEO is a paramount factor for any organization’s growth and customer acquisition through the online channel. That’s why these days SEO is not an option rather it has become an intrinsic component of any enterprise. A plethora of studies shows that customers have an inclination for the top five results in any search engine result page. So, companies need to take this seriously and implement robust SEO strategies which get them to the top. The SEO landscape undergoes a continuous change every year. Hence, to stay ahead of competitors and embrace the next big digital opportunity, companies should know which SEO trends are making a difference in 2016.

  • Having an effective mobile strategy will be of ultimate importance: Business houses who were indifferent to mobile strategy were forced to use this since 2015 when Google made website’s mobile compatibility a critical ranking factor for its search engine optimization. As we move towards the end of 2016, mobile is becoming one of the paramount factors for SEO strategy as consumer’s behavior has utterly changed because of mobile and smartphones. If a brand wants to grow on the search results, then it is important to quickly and effectively deliver mobile experiences of the highest quality.


  SEO Trends


  • Videos and visuals will take over written content: In 2016, due to the invention of new technologies, trends will shift and video and visuals will conquer the written content in terms of reach, engagement, effectiveness, and overall ROI. WhatsApp, Periscope, Snapchat, and other video apps are responsible for this change and are taking users’ expectations toward more visual content. Brands can easily incorporate visual content into the list of ways so that they can better understand their customers, their interests and affinity. Visual content also gives an idea how products are being used and adopted in the market.


  • SEO won’t be limited to Google: The SEO strategy will not only be confined to Google rather it will be about doing well on other platforms and online channels like Yelp, Amazon, Wikipedia, etc.


  • Content is king: High quality, authentic and original content will always make a positive impact on SEO and search engine rankings. The right content updating strategy is still the most important aspect of SEO. Moreover, consistently publishing or updating content which people love to read will automatically generate more traffic.


  SEO Trends


  • More effective social media Engagement for better branding and promotion: These days’ it is true that if a company wants to achieve leadership in a niche, then apart from content marketing, a high level of social media engagement is also important. This has motivated many businesses, and they are now ardently working to revamp their social media strategies. Companies are amalgamating social media strategies with SEO for a better online presence


  • Long-tail keywords are more beneficial: It is true that one or two-word keyword phrases are inadequate to efficiently optimize a page. While, on the other hand, long-tail keywords are much more relevant and effective when it comes to optimizing a site in search engine result pages. They offer a much more effective blend of specificity, purchase intent and relevance, which short keywords are unable to do. A company needs to incorporate long-tail keywords on their site which can be recognized and given preference by the search engine algorithms.


  • Deep links in apps are becoming more important: By seeing the rising demand of apps and smartphones, Google is now anticipating a future where mobile apps will overshadow the traditionally built websites in terms of both popularity and functionality. As a part of this new change, companies have started making “deep links” for apps. These links references a particular page or some specific location of a particular app. If a company still doesn’t have an app, now it’s high time to create an app and derives maximum benefits from it.

2016 is a year where business houses are focusing harder on their search engine optimization efforts than ever before to dominate the industry in a competitive environment.