Twitter Marketing Tips for Effective Branding

Use Twitter to Build your Business Brand

Social media and digital marketing has already taken over the world by storm. Whether you want to sell products, find target customers or persuade the followers to a point which you want to make with your services, they need to know who you are in the first place. All this is possible if you have an effective brand authority and one of the best ways to build it is through the use of social media. Nowadays more entrepreneurs are inclined to invest heavily in social media branding and one such popular medium is Twitter. It is an online social networking site where users can read and send short messages called ‘tweets’. Twitter is a powerful marketing tool that helps you to connect with your target audience and also interact with them.

Twitter Marketing

Why Twitter?

Listed below are some reasons why businesses use Twitter:

  1. It is easy to share content and information about your company’s products and services.
  2. One can run promotional events on the Twitter account for brand building.
  3. Interacting with customers becomes easy.
  4. It is a great platform for networking and increasing the customer base.
  5. Helps in building a reputation for the company.

Twitter Marketing

To get started one needs to create a Twitter account and complete the profile about the company. After creating the account one should look for chats which are related to your industry or you can start your own. The key to success for effective marketing on twitter is to be more than a spectator. In order to engage the consumers reply to their tweets and follow up with new connections you make. Let’s look at some useful Twitter marketing tips for effective branding:

  • Make Tweets Interesting- You should create interesting content for your tweets. The idea is to make people interested so that they are compelled to read your tweets and click on your links and retweet on your post. You should open doors for communication and conversation. Tweet out questions; tweet directly to your audience, make at least 30-40% of your tweets as replies to other people. The main aim is to be conversational for higher engagement.

Twitter Marketing

  • Use Keywords in your tweets- Keywords continue to be a driving force for web content. Upon searching for keywords one may find a relevant content and therefore it is essential that one makes a list of important keywords that describe your business and industry in a best possible manner. Use these keywords appropriately in your 140 character tweet. Always lay emphasis on the quality and make every word of your post count.
  • Share the links to useful content- This will make your posts more effective in terms of growing and retaining followers. So in order to increase your target audience share as many links you can for more visibility.

Twitter Marketing

  • Discover what your customers want by using search feature- Use the search feature in Twitter o look for conversations about a problem for which your business can provide solution for. This will give you an insight into what your consumers are looking for.
  • Connect with right people- The most important thing is to find relevant people to follow whom you are sure would follow you back. Once you find your target audience then tweet with them and follow their conversations. Thank people who follow your brand and help them with their concerns.
  • Keep your audience engaged- Apart from promotional tweets ensure that you make your feed as a resource for your followers. Sharing articles of interest, engage people in discussions on topics relevant to your industry, answering questions and most importantly building trust with the consumers.
  • Transparency makes credibility- In case you don’t know answer to a certain question than admit it and keep yourself open for suggestions and your audience will take you more seriously. In this way you build your company’s credibility and trustworthiness.
  • Create hashtags around your brand- Reward your followers by displaying their posts in your blogs and make hashtags to highlight the topic.
  • Create tweeting schedule and strategy in advance
  • No marketing strategy would be complete until you have measurable goals and milestones.Twitter Marketing

So go ahead and use the twitter to take your business to the next level.