How to use Quora for Marketing

Quora – A Great Marketing Platform

Most successful business owners would agree with the importance of a business plan, since it outlines the company’s course for success. One very vital element of that plan is the marketing strategy. An effective marketing plan can help the business to understand who their potential customers are, from where do they get information and how you can go about in reaching to them. The key is to answer people’s questions about the product effectively and one such platform is Quora. It is an information sharing website where one can find out about everything whether it is nutrition related product or a topic like psychology you will get answers for all. Quora uses social media as a backbone to answer customer questions on different topics. It has soared popularity since the time it was launched in year 2009.

 Quora for Marketing

Why should we use Quora?

Quora helps in connecting people who have the knowledge on a particular subject and those who are seeking answers for their queries. Listed below are five important reasons as to why we can rely on Quora for marketing:-

  1. Website has millions of visitors and hence a business can tap the potential customers easily from its wide database.
  2. It is a great platform to display one’s expertise on almost any topic.
  3. One can get insights from many experts from various industries.
  4. The answers can be given directly to anyone who wishes to know about the product or services offered by the business.
  5. The content from your official website or any other site related to the topic can be shared easily on its network.

  Quora for Marketing

How can Quora be used for marketing?

The first and foremost step is to set up an account with Quora from its official website. However one can also create account by using other channels like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. After the account has been created one should complete the profile where you can fill up the details about the company you represent and your field of expertise.

 Quora for Marketing

Let’s look at some basic steps to be followed for an effective marketing on Quora-

  1. Creating Content- A person can search on relevant topics related to his field and can create an interesting and informative blog for his company. One has to find out what people are asking and check out on the best answers they get. Read carefully and then write an article which covers what people exactly want to know. After that encourage questions from people and also rope in some experts to join in the discussion. This way you can create the interest of the user in the product or service which your company offers.
  2. Create a catchy headlineSearch engines like Google can provide you with various ideas and suggestions to create an interesting headline for content marketing. With Quora the content is user generated and it reveals how people perceive your topic and thus it makes up for a valuable insight for your topic and hence helping you in crafting a heading.
  3. Reputation Management-Quora is a user generated platform and hence different questions related to your company products and services might already exist. One can easily search for them on Quora and can understand the user issues and concerns. Ensure that the answers which you provide should be precise and to the point. You can also initiate and follow threads concerning your product or service and connect with potential consumers.
  4. Increase the life of each article you write on Quora by using its content promotion plan. So go ahead and post your blogs.

  Quora for Marketing

To sum it up we can easily say that Quora can help you in creating a more appealing and creative content for your company products and services hence establishing credibility and making a presence. So what are you waiting for just go ahead and use Quora as an effective marketing tool for your business.