What is internet of things(IOT)

Internet of things: A technological advancement to rely upon
In the 20th century, lots of inventions and discoveries happened which impacted the human race like never before. One of the most significant invention was international network commonly referred as the Internet. In the past decade, the internet has become a household name. This paved the way for many e-commerce businesses and other technological advancements. With the development of technology and introduction of gadgets to comfort human life, many companies entered the competitive market. Internet of things is all about comfort and relaxation of human life.

 internet of things IOT

What is Internet of things?
The core idea of Internet of things is to create a society where everything is smart and connected to the Internet. It is used particularly to design and define the intellect of several dumb devices and make it work for something really important. For an instance, we can say that a tube light and a fan can talk with each other in some kind of language. This is a sort of co-ordination among-st several types of equipment. Consider an automatic light and fan in the bedroom. The light and fan are connected to the internet and hence the light will be adjusting its luminosity according to the natural light available. Similarly, the fan is regulated by monitoring the temperature.
 internet of things IOT
Achieving the sort of co-ordination in the example mentioned above requires the use of several sensors and smart equipment. Also, whatever actions are being performed by the equipment need to be informed to the human operator. Now the question arises, how can a device inform a human being? One can simply reply that imagine a dustbin informing the municipal corporation about picking up the garbage and emptying it up. What one is required to do is set a weighing limit to the dustbin. Once the weight exceeds the preset limit, the controller in the dustbin senses it. With the sensing of the controller, it sends a signal to the human operated computer regarding exceeding weight and voila, a machine talks with a human and collaboratively solves a problem.

 internet of things IOT
What do we presently get?
As of now we can say that Internet of things is in its nascent phase. But there are some consumer devices which are available and significant to use. There are some well-known IoT devices and a classic example is the Philips Hue lighting system. There are many other devices like smart camera, electronic locks, temperature and humidity sensors which use the concept of IoT. There are even smart mechanical valves which are used in boilers. Recently, a new product awestruck the market. It was a smart shower. When a person enters the shower, it senses the body and water is sprinkled. Not only that, a music system is available in-built with the shower. Hence, a person can enjoy the music of his or her choice.

 internet of things IOT

What can be done with IoT devices?
Well, IoT devices are classified into two categories: dedicated consumer device and DIY automation device. Smart devices like thermostats, weighing scales, sleep helping gadgets are available easily at local retail stores. Some devices which require a lot of interconnection are hard to get and even harder to manufacture. An IoT device works basically with the help of sync service. Smaller the time required to sync, more accurate is the outcome. Some modern smart devices employ Zigbee and Fuzzy logic control. When using the device, it seems pretty much easier, but while setting its logic function, it’s definitely complex. Many multinational companies are trying to provide better IoT devices, but all are working in different directions. A unified approach can provide the consumer with the best type of service and the easiest way of operation.
Zigbee, Fuzzy, Arduino and several other logics are employed in the form of several languages to provide the consumer with the better service. Presently, washing machines are available in which one doesn’t need to put clothes into the soaking compartment. In such type of machine Fuzzy logic becomes handy and it is programmed to blow the hot air right after the motor stops rotating.
Hence there is a lot more to know and achieve with Internet of Things, but eventually, every good thing takes time.